Key US senator expresses concern over human rights situation in Pakistan

U.S. Senator Bob Menendez walks through the Senate subway on Capitol Hill on July 19, 2022 in Washington. – Reuters
  • “We seek stability, not chaos,” says US Senator Menendez.
  • Congresswoman Jackson will write a letter to President Biden on the situation in Pakistan.
  • Senator John Cornyn promised to take up the matter in the US Senate.

As Pakistan’s government continues to crack down on those involved in the May 9 disaster, lawmakers in the United States have expressed concern about the country’s human rights situation.

Senator Bob Menendez, chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, one of the most influential US lawmakers, is among those who have expressed concern over the arrests and trials of the May 9 attackers in the country, as it comes amid a severe political crisis. Suffering.

The senator has. Concerns expressed Regarding the treatment of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leaders, activists and supporters following the arrests following the May 9 vandalism.

In a meeting with Dr. Asif Mehmood, a Pakistani-American who was also a Democratic candidate for Congress, Senator Menendez said that the United States does not want turmoil, but stability.

The senator said he is deeply concerned about the innocent Pakistani-Americans detained in Pakistan and will continue to advocate for respect for human rights in the country.

During this meeting in California, Dr. Mehmood told Senator Menendez that Pakistan is facing a democratic and human rights crisis. He also demanded American intervention in this situation.

PTI USA’s official Twitter account shared a video of the senator’s conversation with Dr. Mehmood, during which he said: “We want stability, not chaos. And that means human rights and the rule of law.” To be respected.”

Meanwhile, in America, PTI leaders also met with other American senators. American leaders of the party, Sajjad Barki and Atif Khan, met with Senator John Cornyn in Dallas, Texas.

He claimed that the senator assured to take up the issue in the US Senate and a bill would be passed by consensus of both Republicans and Democrats, while the attention of the US State Department would also be drawn to the matter.

Sheila Jackson, head of the Pakistan Caucus in the US House of Representatives, has also expressed concern over the reports coming from Pakistan. The lawmaker said he was concerned about the lack of protection for peaceful protesters.

She tweeted, “As the founder and chair of the US House Congressional Pakistan Caucus, I am deeply concerned by reports of human rights abuses from Pakistan and the lack of protection for those expressing peaceful opposition to the government.” “

The Congresswoman added that she was “particularly concerned that the former head of state has been arrested multiple times and it seems that this is a clear injustice and a violation of rights for those who should be free, safe and unimpeded.” There is no room for a fair reply, for the right to direct protest must be secured.”

Congresswoman Jackson said she would write to President Biden and Secretary of State Blankenship to “insist on an end to these human rights violations against the opposition and others.”

“And also, to ensure that we continue to promote US-Pakistani relations and a democratic Pakistan,” he wrote in his tweet.

Senator Menendez, Senator Cornyn and Congresswoman Jackson Statements They have come at a time when preparations are underway to hold a conference on the human rights situation in Pakistan next month in Capitol Hill. This conference is going to be held in the third week of June.

PTI has been more active than any other Pakistani political group in America, which is why its leaders Imran KhanThe led party has met dozens of Congress members who are also expected to attend the conference.

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