Israeli agents conducted raid against militants in civilian area, killing a child

Traffic was barely moving on March 16 in central Jenin, an unusually busy Thursday afternoon in the West Bank. With the holy month of Ramadan approaching, restaurants were full and shoppers were running from shop to shop among the carts.

A father pushes a stroller past a silver palanquin. Inside the car, Israeli secret agents were on the spot, waiting to take action against two Palestinian militants running nearby. Omar Awadeen, age 14, pedals his bicycle, just completing his last chore of the day.

Moments later, four plainclothes security forces chased the militants from another silver sedan nearby and opened fire.

Such scenes are becoming increasingly common in the West Bank, where more than 3 million Palestinians live under Israeli military occupation. A new generation of militants has become prominent. Israel says such raids are critical to disrupting terrorist networks and protecting its citizens from attacks. Palestinian officials say these are war crimes that should be referred to the International Criminal Court.

Israeli military operations have long been a part of life here, but they once took place mostly at night, and usually ended in panic. This year, under the most right-wing government in Israeli history, an increasing number of daylight incursions have been carried out in densely populated urban areas such as Jenin. As of May 15, 108 Palestinians, including militants and civilians, were killed in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Killed by the Israeli army According to the United Nations, more than double last year’s toll from the same period. There were at least 19. Children – including Omar, who was shot dead during a raid in Jenin.

The Washington Post has synchronized 15 videos and reviewed dozens more since March 16, including CCTV footage from nearby businesses, some of which took about a month to surface. felt The Post also spoke to nine witnesses and obtained testimonies from four others for a 3D reconstruction of the raid.

The analysis yielded three main findings:

  • The Israeli army killed Omar. Israeli officials have not publicly commented on his death.
  • Omar was among at least 16 civilians in the area as officers charged down the street with AR-style rifles and a handgun, firing more than 20 rounds and killing both militants, neither of whom was armed. It was not visible. Israeli officials in an initial statement called the militants “armed suspects” but did not provide any evidence to support their claim.
  • One of the militants was shot multiple times by Israeli forces after he became incapacitated – an apparent extrajudicial execution that experts say may have violated Israeli law.

A 3D reconstruction of the post shows civilians in the streets being fired upon by Israeli officers.

The raid also violates an international ban on extrajudicial killings, experts told The Post. said, arguing that the illegality was enhanced by the fact that the militants posed no immediate threat to the presence of many civilians.

The raid was carried out by Yamam, an elite unit of Israel’s border police that focuses on counter-terrorism operations, including raids in urban areas.

Israeli police spokesman Dan Elsden said security forces were in the area “to apprehend terrorists responsible for attacks on IDF soldiers, bomb preparation and other terrorist activities.”

In response to initial questions about Omar, Israeli police said in an email to The Post that “the subject of your inquiry actively participated in a violent riot, endangering the lives of soldiers.” It’s unclear what riot he was referring to, but visual evidence reviewed by The Post showed no such riot before the shooting.

Police declined to review the Post’s evidence or answer follow-up questions.

Previously unreported files from the recently classified US document repository. Online leak The Discord messaging platform highlights growing U.S. concerns about Israeli incursions into the West Bank — including one February 22 Raid in Nablus where Israeli soldiers opened fire on a group of civilians — threatening international efforts to reduce violence in the region.

A Confidential Assessment a March 7 raid warned in Jenin that this would almost certainly prompt Palestinian militants to retaliate.


Omar spent March 16 delivering packages to his father’s medical supply shop. Around 3:10 p.m., he dropped off his last package at a nearby pharmacy, CCTV footage obtained by The Post shows.

The eldest and only boy of three children in the family, Omar was unusually kind, his mother recalled, always trying to include other children who did not have the same advantages. He liked to have fun and go swimming or hiking on his days off.

After leaving the shop, he cycled past his father, who was driving in the opposite direction. Her father Mohammad Awadeen said, “We met by chance. “He asked for 10 shekels to buy some clothes, but there was a police officer behind me so I couldn’t stop.”

As Omar returned to his father’s shop, the raid began.

Just a few feet away, two Palestinian militants — 28-year-old Nidal Khazim and 29-year-old Yusuf Sharim — were walking along the road. Khazeem and Sharim passed another silver sedan, now stopped in traffic, where Yamam’s agents were waiting.

Then at least three shots were fired from behind the two men. Khazim was struck and fell to the ground.

Editor’s Note: This video contains graphic content.

Four members of the Israeli security forces appeared one after the other in street clothes. According to video reviewed by the Post, two men later shot Khazim in the body.

The Post identified at least 16 civilians, including Omar, in the immediate area when officers opened fire.

According to multiple videos synced by The Post, a CCTV camera caught Shreem running, slipping and falling to the floor in a group of three civilians at the same moment. (CCTV timestamp is incorrect.)

A third CCTV camera shows the moment Omar is shot and falls off his bike.

After at least two Israeli officers pointed their weapons at Sharim, a bullet hit Omar in the back. It is not clear which Israeli officer fired the fatal shot.

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