Did health minister lie about Imran Khan’s medical report?

  • Doctors say the urine sample report is usually shared within a few days.
  • He says that the claims of the Health Minister are not proved by the report.
  • Stress and anxiety symptoms are normal in medical report: Drs

Senior journalist Shahzeb Khanzada has said that according to three doctors, Health Minister Abdul Qadir Patel’s allegations against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan are not only ‘ridiculous but baseless’.

Patel said on Friday that A Preliminary test report During his arrest and detention at the Rawalpindi office of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Khan’s urine sample taken at Pimms Hospital showed “excessive alcohol and cocaine use, no indication of a fracture in his leg.” No, and unstable mental health” is indicated.

However, discussion of the report Geo News show’Today with Shahzeb Khanzada‘, the senior journalist shared that three doctors – with whom the report and the health minister’s press conference were shared – called Patel’s claims “ridiculous and baseless”.

He said that the urine sample report is usually shared within a few days. It was surprising that the Health Minister took 17 days to share the report which was only a preliminary report.

The health minister said it would be forwarded to the police “after a detailed report comes out”.

Khanzada said that the doctors said that the health minister’s claims could not be proved from the report.

The doctors said that while the health minister claimed that Khan was mentally unstable, the report itself claimed otherwise.

Patel had said during the conference that according to medical reports, his movements and body language were “not that of a fit man”.

“The report said that a person with stable mental health does not make such gestures… Whatever Khan is doing can only be done by an agent or a madman.”

He added: “A five-member panel of senior doctors is saying there is a question mark over his mental stability.”

However, reports shared with the media, Khanzada said, indicate otherwise.

The doctors pointed out that the report itself says that Khan is medically fine. Even the signs of stress and anxiety in the report after his arrest are normal.

He shared what he had said. [in the press conference] And it contradicts what the report says.

Further, he said that it was strange that the former prime minister was able to be arrested and taken for questioning by NAB and it was necessary to keep him under arrest. However, the health minister said that he is not mentally stable.

Khanzada quoted the doctors as saying that anger and anxiety are normal after arrest.

It should be noted that he had invited Patel to join the show to discuss the report. However, the Health Minister rejected this offer.

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