WATCH: Man opens plane’s emergency door midair to passengers’ horror

Panic gripped passengers and crew on board a flight in South Korea after a man opened an emergency door minutes before it touched down at Daegu International Airport on Friday, but no one was seriously injured.

One of the 194 passengers on board made a video of the plane landing safely. According to the airport’s flight schedule, it had departed from the holiday island of Jeju an hour earlier.

According to local media, some passengers fainted while others had difficulty breathing and were taken to hospital.

Yonhap The agency said: “The man, 30 years old, was arrested upon landing.”

The flight took off from Jeju Island at around 11:45 local time on Friday and just before landing an hour later, a male passenger opened the emergency door while the plane was 250 meters above the ground.

Eyewitnesses told the media that the flight attendants could not stop him as the plane was about to land.

He said: “The man also tried to jump from the plane after opening the door.”

Passengers have described “panic on board”.

A 44-year-old passenger said it was “chaos with people near the door seeming to faint one by one and the flight attendants were broadcasting to the on-board doctors”. Yonhap.

“I thought the plane was flying. I thought I was going to die like this,” he added.

Children were also riding in it. One student’s mother told Yonhap: “The children were shaking, crying and scared.”

Police said that the accused has not yet given any explanation for his actions and was not drunk at the time of arrest.

An official said it is difficult to have a normal conversation with him. “We will investigate the motive for the crime and punish him.”

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