Want to head abroad with the family this summer? Consider these destinations.

Airports across the U.S. are expected to be crowded in the coming weeks as travelers depart for their summer vacations, with many Americans expected to fly abroad for trips postponed due to the pandemic. .

For families, some of the best international destinations include Prince Edward Island in Canada. Cairo, Egypt; Ischia, Italy; and the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, according to Jacqui Gifford, editor in chief of Travel & Leisure. Those spots offer plenty of fun for the kids but also relaxing activities for mom and dad, Gifford said told CBS News.

For Ischia, a small island in the Bay of Naples known for its hot springs and stunning coastal views, children will enjoy a flight to Naples, Italy, then a one-hour boat ride to the island, Gifford said. Will be happy.

“It has beautiful beaches, cliffs, amazing hotels that capture the old-school charm of Italy,” she said. “You can walk at night in these beautiful towns. I think it’s also quite family-friendly, because you generally have a more affordable experience.”

Affordability is key when traveling abroad this year, with travel experts predicting that flights will be more expensive.

Here are the airfares for international flights. It is likely to reach its highest level after 2019., before the pandemic grounded most holiday travel. According to travel reservation app Hopper, an average ticket to Europe is likely to cost around $1,100, while a flight to Asia will cost more than $1,800 per ticket. The app estimates that an average ticket to Africa or the Middle East will cost around $1,454, and travel to Australia and nearby countries is expected to cost an average of $1,709.

Holiday inflation leads to higher prices for travel this summer.


The higher prices are due to the rising cost of jet fuel and strong demand for overseas travel during the first full summer where international destinations have lifted their pandemic protocols.

If Italy isn’t the right fit, Gifford also said families should consider Cairo because “it’s like a living museum.” Tourists can also head south to see the storied pyramids, King Tut’s tomb and many other ancient Egyptian monuments.

“The amazing thing is what’s happening in Egypt right now you have the Grand Egyptian Museum, which is in a soft opening phrase, finally opening later this year.”

Looking for a good price

Canada’s Prince Edward Island is known for its red-sand beaches and is especially affordable for families living on the East Coast, Gifford said. The Galapagos Islands, home to Charles Darwin’s key discoveries, are a good choice for families looking to spend more of their vacation outdoors, he said, while flying to South America is now cheaper than before the pandemic.

Girl taking a picture of Pinnacle Rock, Galapagos.
A visitor photographs Pinnacle Rock, a landmark in Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands.

Getty Images

According to Hooper, the average flight cost to South America is expected to be $692, down 9 percent from 2019.

“If your kids are interested in wildlife and nature, this is one of the oldest national parks in the world,” Gifford said of the Galapagos. “I think, just in terms of dollars, that’s something to consider.”

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