‘UFO’ spotted lurking above U.S.’ largest Marine base: ‘We got aliens’

A possible UFO with flashing lights In 2021, it was filmed flying over a US Marine base in California and the witnesses were mystified, but the government claims it was a training exercise.

Jeremy Korbel, who was the only civilian named during that time. Historic Congressional hearings in May 2022 on unidentified anomalous phenomenon (UAPs), obtained footage and photos of possible UFOs and shared them with Fox News Digital.

Korbel, an investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker, said it was described by eyewitnesses at Camp Wilson. Twentynine Palms, Californiaas a “large, silent and hovering triangular craft.”

Sue Gough, a Defense Department spokeswoman, told Fox News Digital that a training course was underway at the time, and that the Pentagon’s office that tracks UAPs, a government-derived acronym that stands for UFO, had no knowledge of the incident. There is no record. .

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A possible UFO was seen flying over a US Marine base in 2021. This photo was obtained by Jeremy Korbel, who shared it with Fox News Digital. (@Jeremycorbell/WeaponizedPodcast.com)

“I can confirm that there were. Military Aviation Assets Twentynine Palms, California, airspace and a Weapons and Tactics instructor course was being conducted at the time,” Gow said in an email.

“There is no record of communication with base range control regarding the UAP sighting, nor of the allocation of any base resources to investigate a UAP sighting. AARO has no record of this alleged incident and is “Can’t confirm the authenticity of the report.”

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The view was taken from Camp Wilson, a 998-square-mile installation at the southern tip of San Bernardino County in the Mojave Desert, making it the largest Marine Corps base in the world. Most of the base is set aside for training.

AARO, which stands for All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Officeis an office within the Department of Defense tasked with investigating and identifying unidentified flying objects and other phenomena in the air, sea, or space.

In the videos that Korbel and his “WeaponizedPodcast.com” The co-host, reporter George Knapp, released, voices could be heard asking what the object was. Another voice is heard saying, “We’ve found the alien.”

The two reviewed photos and videos of the incident during the May 23 episode of their podcast, and interviewed unnamed witnesses who said they were Marines.

“Two years ago, this thing happened and nothing has come of it,” Knapp said on the podcast. “There has been no media coverage in the two years since.”

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Although AARO has no records of the incident, according to Gow, it highlights what Korbel and lawmakers say is a clear oversight in reporting possible UFO sightings.

After the hearing before the UFO on 19 April Senate Armed Services Subcommittee On emerging threats and capabilities, Sens. Mark Warner, D-Va., and Marco Rubio, R-Fla. wrote a five-bullet point letter to the Department of Defense, which was obtained by Fox News Digital.

Photo of possible UFO at Marine base

The image of a possible UFO at the sea base, dubbed “The Mojave Triangle,” was obtained by Jeremy Corbel and shared with Fox News Digital. (@Jeremycorbell/WeaponizedPodcast.com)

One of the arguments was the lack of a safe way for potential UFO witnesses to safely come forward and share their stories.

“To date, we have seen no attempt to communicate the existence of safe practices to the public,” the senators said in their letter. “We request that you provide us with an update on the plan to publicize the safe process of witness exposure.”

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Rubio told Fox News Digital in an emailed statement that Americans are “understandably concerned” about objects in the nation’s airspace and nearby facilities.

“What’s worse is that our government spent years ignoring or downplaying the threat,” Rubio said. “Thankfully, that’s starting to change, but as we saw earlier this year, the defense and intelligence communities are still struggling.”


The Florida senator was referring to the Chinese spy balloon and three other UAPs shot down by the Biden administration in February.

For now, Korbel and Knapp remain primarily mouthpieces for witnesses as they investigate tips, photos and videos. He called this particular case “an open UFO investigation” and said he was crowdsourcing additional footage and witness testimony.

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“We encourage additional service members who were on the Twentynine Palms/Camp Wilson installation during this reported event to come forward with additional footage, photos or information,” Korbel said.

“The truth is out there, but without a proper and defined flow of information from the Department of Defense, we will not be able to make progress in understanding the UFO presence on planet Earth and what it means for humanity.”

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