Georgia teens involved in high-speed chase after allegedly stealing Hyundai car using USB cord: Police

A 13-year-old driver and a 16-year-old passenger took the lead. Representatives of Georgia. Police say on a high-speed chase after allegedly using viral techniques and stealing a Hyundai Elantra car with a USB cord.

Police in the Atlanta metro area are then warning Hyundai and Kia owners. Car theft Last weekend saw a massive increase, with police reporting three burglaries.

Police have linked the spike in car thefts to viral social media videos, which teach people how to start cars with USB cables, and some Hyundai and Kia vehicles sold in the U.S. without engine immobilizers. A security vulnerability can be exploited, which is a standard feature on most. Cars from the 1990s that prevented the engine from starting unless the key was present.

Coweta County Sheriffs Office deputies conducted a maneuver to stop a stolen Hyundai Elantra. (Quita County Sheriff’s Office)

On Sunday, May 21, the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office was responding to a 911 call for an unrelated report of someone trying to break into cars, when they pulled over a white Hyundai Elantra.

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Police later learned that the car had been stolen by the unusual suspects, a 13-year-old and a 16-year-old.

The unidentified 13-year-old driver refused to pull over and led deputies on a high-speed chase at speeds of up to 120 mph, authorities said. The inexperienced youth almost hit the patrol car head on, police said.

Arrest of juveniles.

Body camera footage shows the arrest of a 13-year-old and a 16-year-old who attempted to evade arrest after stealing a white Hyundai Elantra. (Quita County Sheriff’s Office)

Dash camera footage showed deputies finally using a maneuver to stop him. Stolen vehicle in its tracks. The alleged thieves tried to evade arrest, but body camera footage shows deputies quickly chasing the teenagers and arresting them.

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Both were turned over to juvenile authorities and face charges of car theft, aggravated fleeing and attempted eluding, as well as entering autos.

Hyundai Elantra.

General view of the white Hyundai Elantra. The two youths stole a white Hyundai Elantra using a USB cord. (Moscow Police Department)

Hyundai said that the problem of stolen vehicles has increased significantly. Atlanta area That they are sending letters to some owners warning them about the theft.

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The company informed that the free repair is applicable only on certain models of Hyundai vehicles. The company will fix the car’s alarm and ignition logic, as well as install window stickers to warn thieves that the cars are more secure, the letter said.

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