Deadly Missile Strike Hits Medical Clinic in Ukraine

Explosions have been reported in the Russian-held city of Berdyansk for the second time in less than a week, an occupation official said on Friday. Speed ​​of strikes Deep behind the front lines appeared to gather momentum before a Ukrainian counter-attack.

Russian forces have turned the port city of Bardyansk into a military stronghold and use it as a base for troops. A transit point for suppliesAccording to military analysts.

While it is often impossible to independently verify details about individual explosions, recent attacks in Berdyansk and other areas outside the range of precision weapons suggest that the Ukrainian military may be targeting more targets inside occupied territory. is using new, long-range missiles to reach Even a few weeks ago.

Vladimir Rogov, an official in the Russian occupation of southern Ukraine, said several loud explosions were heard in Berdiansk overnight and claimed that Russian air defenses had repulsed the Ukrainian attack. “The private sector of the city was overrun and residential buildings were damaged,” he wrote on the Telegram messaging app.

GeoConfirmed, one of several volunteer groups that closely track battlefield movements in Ukraine, Posted pictures on Twitter Showing a large fire, said effects were recorded in Berdiansk.

Ukrainka Pravda, a Ukrainian news agency, said there were reports that a supply depot had been targeted.

Ukraine’s military did not comment specifically on Berdyansk, saying in a morning update that the air force had “conducted five strikes targeting clusters of enemy manpower and equipment.” He did not provide further details.

after the Ukrainian strike on Sunday in Berdyansklocal Russian officials claimed Kiev was using. Newly acquired long-range missiles provided by the British to target the city. They claimed to have shot almost everyone dead, destroyed a “canteen” by falling on the “outskirts of the city”.

The Ukrainian military claimed after the attack that it had successfully hit the “headquarters of an occupier unit in the city of Berdyansk”.

It was not possible to verify the claims, but the location of the reported strikes was notable for being consistent with a pattern of increased precision missile strikes deep inside Russian-held areas of Ukraine in recent weeks reported by locals. is given Russian proxy leaders, exiled Ukrainian officials and residents.

For most of the 15-month war, Russian military installations in most of the occupied territories were out of range of Ukrainian missiles because Kiev’s Western allies refused to provide accurate long-range missiles. That changed with the delivery of the American-made HIMARS, short for High Mobility Artillery Rocket System, last summer.

Military analysts say the weapons – which have a range of about 50 miles – helped reshape the battlefield before Ukraine’s successful retaliatory operations in the northeastern Kharkiv region and southern Kherson region last year.

According to military analysts, Ukrainian officials and satellite data, Russian forces have since moved key command and control centers, ammunition depots and other critical installations deep into occupied territory to locations such as Berdyansk.

On May 11, Britain said it was supplying Ukraine with long-range missiles, known as Storm Shadows, which have a range of more than 155 miles, almost every corner of Russian-held Ukraine. Keeps within striking distance.

“The missile gives Ukraine a better ability to intercept high-value targets at risk in occupied territory, such as Russian airfields, logistics hubs and command and control nodes, some of which are so far outside the range of Western-provided guidance. wrote Timothy Wright, a military analyst at the International Institute for Strategic Studies An analysis earlier this month.

He noted that it remains to be seen how capable Russian air defenses will be in countering the threat.

On May 18, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace told CNN that the new weapons had been used “successfully” in Ukraine, without elaborating.

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