Best refrigerator deals in 2023: Reserve Samsung’s new Bespoke refrigerator and get $1,200 off


Samsung’s latest bespoke refrigerator is here and available for pre-order now. Plus, when you reserve one today, you’ll save $1,200 on must-have kitchen appliances. But that’s not all — the experts at CBS Essentials have rounded up the best on-sale refrigerators from a variety of popular home appliance brands. all of these Customer Favorite Fridges All are rated four stars or higher and include many positive reviews. Plus, we consulted an appliance expert on how to buy a refrigerator like a pro.

Keep reading to discover discounted prices on the best refrigerators for smart homes, the best double-door refrigerators, the best French door refrigerators, the best side-by-side refrigerators, the best refrigerators for small spaces, and more.

Hurry – all these great refrigerator deals won’t last forever.

Reserve a new Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator: Samsung Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator with Family Hub+, $3,799 (regularly $4,999)

Samsung Large Capacity 3-Door French Door Refrigerator with Family Hub, $2,299 (regularly $3,099)

Samsung Smart 4-Door Flex Refrigerator with Family Hub, $3,099 (reduced from $4,500)

The best refrigerators for smart homes

Your smart home should have a smart refrigerator.

Touch screen refrigerators from Samsung All feature Samsung’s Family Hub.With Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant built-in. The Smart Fridge component can connect to and control your phone, computer, TV, smart doorbell, Nest thermostat and Samsung home appliances. It can share photos, stream music and more. The Family Hub feature lets you see what’s inside your fridge from anywhere (via your connected device), find recipes based on what’s on hand, plan weekly meals, and even cook for you. Sends cooking instructions. Samsung Smart Oven.

Samsung Bespoke 4 Door Flex Refrigerator with Family Hub+



Samsung’s latest bespoke fridge features a Family Hub touchscreen that is double the touchscreen of the brand’s original smart refrigerator. Smart tech can also help you save energy thanks to Samsung’s new energy-saving technology, SmartThings Energy. The Smart program allows you to view and manage the energy usage of your compatible Samsung devices and offers ways to save energy using AI Energy Mode. The new mode will also automatically optimize device settings to reduce the amount of energy used.

Like all Samsung Bespoke appliances, this refrigerator comes in a variety of colors and complements the look of your kitchen. The new Samsung Bespoke 4-door Flex Refrigerator with Family Hub+ is now available for pre-order. You also get free delivery, installation and removal when you pre-order.

Plus, for a limited time, get Care+ (Samsung support, unlimited repairs, theft and damage coverage, same-day replacement and setup) for $1. It’s usually $230!

Samsung Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator with Family Hub+, $3,799 (regularly $4,999)

Samsung Smart 4 Door Flex Refrigerator with Family Hub



“This design is awesome,” wrote one Samsung user. “Every door is small enough to open. There’s no handle so it’s easy to be against the wall. There’s no ice maker on the left side of the door to limit how much you can see to the left. Opening it 90 degree angle is all you need to do. It is completely flat which makes it very easy to open it to the wall (if you notice that there are a lot of front Fridges are domes that don’t give you room to open. the door against the wall).

Samsung Smart 4-Door Flex Refrigerator with Family Hub, $3,099 (reduced from $4,500)

Samsung Large Capacity 3-Door French Door Refrigerator with Family Hub



This full depth Samsung refrigerator Rated 4.5 stars. Use this refrigerator’s Samsung Family Hub feature to control your smart devices and appliances from your fridge door.

The fingerprint-resistant refrigerator has a full-width bottom drawer big enough to hold party platters, drinks and more. Samsung kitchen appliances include an external filtered water and ice dispenser, as well as all-around cooling and multi-vent technology to maintain air circulation on each shelf.

Samsung Large Capacity 3-Door French Door Refrigerator with Family Hub, $2,299 (regularly $3,099)

Best refrigerators with double doors and French doors

Love the look of double-door or French-door refrigerators? Check out these options from Samsung, Bosch and LG.

Samsung Bespoke 4 Door Flex Refrigerator



The 4.6-star rated fridge features customizable and replaceable door panels in a variety of colors and finishes. Top-rated kitchen appliances include a concealed beverage center with a water dispenser, an auto-fill water pitcher and an ice maker.

Samsung Bespoke Four-Door Flex Refrigerator, $2,699 (regularly $4,199)

LG French Door Counter Depth Smart Refrigerator with InstaView


LG by Best Buy

This LG fridge is equipped with an InstaView window. Tap twice on the glass panel to instantly see what’s inside your fridge. This 4.5-star rated kitchen appliance features a slightly shallower depth, so it can stand next to your countertop for a sleek look.

It has an internal water dispenser.

LG French Door Counter-Depth Smart Refrigerator with InstaView, $2,300 (regularly $2,900)

As well as the best refrigerators

We’ve found the best refrigerator models you can buy right now. Some of these top rated refrigerators are on sale. Hurry — these appliance deals won’t last long.

LG side-by-side refrigerator with SpacePlus ice


LG by Best Buy

The refrigerator also features flat panels, discreet pocket handles, top-down shelving and sleek touch controls that are hidden inside your refrigerator. Its space-saving Space Plus Ice feature maximizes freezer space without sacrificing your access to ice on demand.

This fridge is fingerprint and smoke proof.

SpacePlus LG Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Ice, $1,250 (regularly $1,832)

Best Refrigerators for Small Spaces

We’ve found the best refrigerator brands for small spaces. These Samsung, Miele and LG kitchen appliances fit easily in your garage, den or small kitchen. Also, they have a lot of space and storage options inside.

LG Indoor Refrigerator


LG by Best Buy

Maximize food and beverage space with a door in your refrigerator door. This 4.5-star rated LG appliance is described as “beautiful” by a Best Buy reviewer.

“This refrigerator is quiet, makes great ice cubes and craft ice (spheres). The exterior door is great for items we use often, but saves money because we’re not opening the entire refrigerator door. Complete The conversion drawer is an amazing. feature,” he wrote, extolling the fridge’s middle drawer that can convert from frost to fully frozen with a quick touch.

LG Indoor Refrigerator, $3,000 (regularly $4,400)

Things to consider before buying a refrigerator

Appliance Specialist and Repair Technology Renae DuHaime told CBS Essentials that when Buying a refrigerator (or any large household item) You need to consider the size of your space. “The first thing you’ll want to do is measure and take a picture of the space it’s going to occupy,” he explained. “Having a picture for reference when you’re shopping helps visualize whether the fridge will work in the space – for example, if the space has a wall on one side that prevents the door from opening. A certain direction.”

Our readers should familiarize themselves with the iconic refrigerator style, DuHaime told CBS Essentials. “Most residential refrigerators come in one of five different styles,” he said. “Each style has its own space limitations that you’ll want to consider. For example, a side-by-side refrigerator has equal space, unlike a top-mount refrigerator (which has a smaller freezer compartment). Fresh Both food basket and freezer basket.

However, that space is mostly vertical, meaning the compartments involved are usually very narrow. If you often cook meals or baked goods that take up a lot of horizontal space in the fridge (or if you’re like me, and you tend to keep the entire box in the fridge when you order pizza), side by side The fridge won’t do you much good.”

How to Shop for a Refrigerator Like an Appliance Expert

Want to shop for refrigerators like an expert? “I can give the best advice when looking at something specific. Refrigerator brand to go to their website,” shared DuHaime. “A brand’s website can tell you a lot about what it might be like to own an appliance made by that brand.

Is customer service easily accessible on their website, or is it difficult to know how to contact them? Can you easily find a PDF version of their device manuals, or are they nowhere to be found? Do they offer additional advice on how to get the most out of their products, or is their website more focused on sales? All of this can make a big difference in the kind of support you’ll get from the brand if you ever have a problem with your devices that you need to fix.”

When should I replace my refrigerator?

It may be time to upgrade your old refrigerator or replace it with one of these. The Best Refrigerators in 2023. There are a variety of new refrigerators in the market that are equipped with the latest refrigerator technology, and they are all on sale now. But if your old refrigerator doesn’t seem to be causing any problems, how do you know when it’s time to replace it?

gave United States Department of Energy It is recommended to replace your refrigerator every 12 years. Of course, you can replace or upgrade your refrigerator today. Especially if you’re not happy with your current refrigerator brand or model.

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