Your sunscreen guide: The best sunscreen options for summer 2023

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Did you know dermatologists recommend wearing sunscreen every day that you’re out in the sun? Lathering up with a great sunscreen, like the ones featured below, can help protect your skin from the elements, especially during the super-sunny summer months. Our favorite sunscreen picks will defend your skin from harsh rays no matter if you’re out on your patio, enjoying a summer road trip, or just taking a walk on the beach

The CBS Essentials team rounded up some of the best summer sunscreen options in 2023, including those by SupergoopSunBum and CeraVe. There’s a sunscreen on our list that will work for just about everyone, from outdoor athletes and swimmers, to children and those with sensitive skin. All of these customer- and staff-loved sunscreen selections have a four-star rating or higher. Plus, they’re all smart choices for protecting your skin this summer!

Top products in this article:

Supergoop Play Everyday sunscreen lotion, SPF 50 (5.5 oz.), $34

Coppertone Sport 100 SPF sunscreen, $9 (down from $10)

Tula Protect + Glow, SPF 30 (1.7 oz.), $38

Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch, SPF 30 (8.0 oz.), $9 (down from $10)

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, you should aim to wear a broad spectrum sunscreen. That means it offers protection against both skin-wrinkling UVA rays and sunburn-causing UVB rays. The sunscreen should be rated SPF 30 or higher, and be judged water resistant. SPF stands for sun protection factor. The more you know!

Tula Protect + Glow, SPF 30



Looking for a non-greasy sunscreen? Tula, a skincare brand with a celebrity following that includes Jenna Dewan and Mandy Moore, makes a great broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen in gel form. It’s perfect for wearing under makeup or alone. CBS Essentials writer Carolin Lehmann is a fan.

“I love that this sunscreen doesn’t break me out (many sunscreens do) or have any white cast,” she says.

Tula Protect + Glow, SPF 30 (1.7 oz.), $38

Supergoop Play Everyday sunscreen lotion, SPF 50



Looking for a little more coverage? Formulated for all skin types, Supergoop Play Everyday lotion offers broad-spectrum SPF 50 coverage and water resistance. Supergoop Play Everyday is a ray-absorbing chemical sunscreen, albeit one made without two ingredients usually associated with chemical sunscreens — oxybenzone and octinoxate. 

The greaseless formula absorbs into and hydrates the skin. 

Supergoop Play Everyday sunscreen lotion, SPF 50 (5.5 oz.), $34

Drunk Elephant Umbra Sheer/Tinted Daily Defense, SPF 30


Drunk Elephant

If you have sensitive skin or suffer from any skin conditions, namely eczema, you may want to look for a physical or mineral sunscreen. This kind of sunscreen sits on the surface of skin and acts like a shield. Unlike a chemical sunscreen, a physical sunscreen may leave behind a residue. 

All of this brings us to this physical, broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen by the beauty brand Drunk Elephant. The sunscreen is formulated for the face, and features ingredients such as marula oil and fruit enzymes, along with zinc oxide (a hallmark of a physical sunscreen). 

Drunk Elephant Umbra Sheer Daily Defense, SPF 30 (3.0 oz.), $34

MDSolarSciences Mineral Crème, SPF 50

MDSolarSciences Mineral Crème SPF 50


Looking for a physical sunscreen that will protect and nourish your skin? This silky-smooth mineral sunscreen boasts SPF 50  protection. It is formulated with zinc oxide to help reduce the risk of photoaging and skin cancer. It’s also made with vitamin C and natural antioxidants to help fight sun damage.

The MDSolarSciences Mineral Crème SPF 50 offers a smooth, lightweight formula that is safe for sensitive skin.

MDSolarSciences Mineral Crème SPF 50, $32

If you want a more radiant glow while out in the sun, consider the MDSolarSciences Gleam + Glow SPF 50. It provides SPF protection along with extra hydration and radiance — aka a little bit of shimmer.

MDSolarSciences Gleam + Glow SPF 50, $35

Kopari Sun Shield Body Glow, SPF 50

kopari sun shield body glow spf 50


Enjoy broad-spectrum 50 SPF protection in a lightweight, glowy gel with this Kopari sunscreen. It’s water-resistant for up to 40 minutes, making it a solid choice for your next beach trip or pool day. The Sun Shield Body Glow sunscreen is made with a blend of superfood oils to hydrate your skin.

Kopari Sun Shield Body Glow SPF 50, $39

There is also a version formulated for your face.

Kopari Sun Shield Soft Glow Face SPF 30, $38

Innisfree Daily UV Defense Invisible broad spectrum sunscreen, SPF 36

innisfree sunscreen


This SPF 36 sunscreen from Korean beauty brand Innisfree features a lightweight, hydrating formula that won’t give you the dreaded white-cast look in photos. It’s a favorite of CBS Essentials senior writer Lily Rose. 

“I love the fresh scent of this sunscreen and that it plays really well under makeup,” she says.

Innisfree Daily UV Defense Invisible broad spectrum sunscreen SPF 36, $29

Tower 28 Sunny Days tinted sunscreen, SPF 30


Tower 28

Most tinted sunscreens only offer a slight tint to prevent the white residue that physical or mineral formulas traditionally tend to leave behind on your skin. However, Tower 28 Sunny Days can replace a foundation. 

The tinted sunscreen comes in 14 shades for a variety of skin tones. Designed for those with sensitive skin, Sunny Days has been endorsed by the National Eczema Association as gentle enough for those with eczema. 

Tower 28 Sunny Days tinted sunscreen, SPF 30 (1.0 oz.), $32

Vacation Classic Spray, SPF 30



Not a fan of the scent of the traditional titanium-zinc sunscreen? Vacation offers ample sun protection with a tropical scent so loved that the brand bottled it and made it into a perfume

The skin-hydrating, SPF 30 formulation remains water resistant up to 80 minutes. Its ingredients won’t harm coral reefs and it’s also vegan.

Vacation Classic Spray, SPF 30 (6.0 oz.), $19

Elta MD UV Clear broad spectrum, SPF 46


Elta MD

Elta MD’s UV Clear sunscreen is one of the most highly rated mineral-based sunscreens on Amazon — and the top-selling facial sunscreen overall. The zinc oxide, broad-spectrum sunscreen offers extra gentle protection for sensitive, oily or acne-prone skin. 

Elta MD UV Clear broad spectrum, SPF 46 (1.7 oz.), $31

Elta MD UV Clear tinted broad spectrum, SPF 46 (1.7 oz.), $34

CeraVe Tinted Hydrating Mineral Sunscreen, SPF 30 



Looking for a great, tinted facial sunscreen on a budget? CeraVe makes one with lightweight, greaseless protection. It boasts thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon. Per CeraVe, its products were developed with the help of dermatologists.

CeraVe Tinted Hydrating Mineral Sunscreen, SPF 30 (1.7 oz.), $13 (reduced from $16)

Wander Beauty Pack Up and Glow priming mineral sunscreen, SPF 40

wander beauty sunscreen

Wander Beauty

This Wander Beauty Pack Up and Glow mineral sunscreen protects against sun damage with 40 SPF protection while moisturizing and priming your skin. It can be worn under makeup, but it also provides a beautiful glow when worn on its own.

Wander Beauty Pack Up and Glow priming mineral sunscreen, $36

Banana Boat Sport Cool Zone, SPF 30


Banana Boat

A water-resistant, reef-friendly, chemical sunscreen, Banana Boat Sport Cool Zone boasts SPF 30 protection and water resistance for up to 80 minutes. On Amazon, the lightweight, greaseless spray boasts an average 4.7-star rating with more than 24,000 reviews.

Banana Boat Sport Cool Zone, SPF 30 (two pack, 12 oz. total), $13 (reduced from $26)

SunBum Mineral spray sunscreen, SPF 30



If you don’t mind the white residue usually associated with a physical sunscreen, then SunBum Mineral should be in your beach bag. It smells like summer, sprays on with a matte finish and offers SPF 30 protection with the active ingredient zinc oxide. 

SunBum Mineral Sunscreen, SPF 30 (6.0 oz.), $20

Blue Lizard sensitive mineral sunscreen, SPF 50+


Blue Lizard

Amazon reviewers love this unscented mineral sunscreen formulated for sensitive skin. Not only does it offer ample, SPF 50+, sweat- and water-resistant protection for up to 80 minutes, but it also does so without using ingredients that can be harmful to coral reefs.

Blue Lizard sensitive mineral sunscreen, SPF 50 (5.0 oz.), $13 (down from $15)

Bask non-aerosol spray, SPF 30 and 50

Bask sunscreen


This non-oil, non-aerosol, vegan sunscreen smells like summer in a bottle and offers continuous spray (even upside down!) to effortlessly cover your body with quick drying protection. It comes in SPF 30 and SPF 50 formulas. 

Bask non-aerosol spray, SPF 30 (5.5 oz.), $24

Bask non-aerosol spray, SPF 50 (5.5 oz.), $24

Project Reef mineral sunscreen, SPF 30 or 50  


Project Reef

Project Reef is another reef-friendly sunscreen brand that’s committed to making products as safe for the environment as it is for humans. It makes sunscreens in SPF 30 and SPF 50 varieties. Both are infused with hydrating and soothing botanical ingredients including organic aloe vera, coconut, sea-buckthorn oil, green tea, pomegranate and raspberry extract, along with non-nano zinc oxide. 

Project Reef mineral sunscreen, SPF 30 (4.22 oz.), $24

 Project Reef mineral sunscreen, SPF 50 (4.22 oz.), $26

Australian Gold Botanical SPF 50 mineral sunscreen lotion



This antioxidant-rich sunscreen from Australian Gold nourishes skin without being greasy. It includes vitamin C, eucalyptus and red algae in its list of ingredients. The clean, botanical formula is hypoallergenic and tested by pediatricians and dermatologists. This formula is in the scent Citrus Oasis, which is great for everyday wear and special occasions outdoors.

Australian Gold Botanical SPF 50 mineral sunscreen lotion, $9 (reduced from $16)

Aveeno Protect + Hydrate moisturizing sunscreen lotion



Aveeno sunscreen is a prebiotic-rich SPF that gives you all-day hydration and 60 SPF for your entire body. Regular usage of this dermatologist-loved brand could help prevent skin cancer and combat early signs of aging when used as directed. It’s paraben-free, phthalate-free, oil-free, oxybenzone-free and dye-free, making it a great choice for the oceans and for your skin.

Aveeno Protect + Hydrate moisturizing body sunscreen lotion, $22 (lowered from $27)

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch 45 SPF twin-pack sunscreen



This lightweight sunscreen lotion is sheer with an invisible finish on any skin tone. The formulation offers superior sun protection for your skin and has 45 SPF to protect against UVA and UVB rays. It’s great for sensitive skin, too. Each bottle contains six fluid ounces each, making it TSA-compliant.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch 45 SPF twin-pack sunscreen lotion, $15 (originally $19)

But if you really struggle with acne-prone skin, Neutrogena has another choice for you: Neutrogena Clear Face. It’s oil-free, breakout-free and non-comedogenic with 50 SPF.

Neutrogena Clear Face SPF 50 liquid lotion sunscreen, $11 (originally $12)

Coppertone Sport 100 SPF sunscreen 



Coppertone is one of the most trusted sunscreen brands for a reason. Its sport sunscreen boasts four-in-one performance usage, meaning that it resists sweat, heat and water and stops up to 99% of UV rays. With a powerful 100 SPF, you can enjoy the beach or pool without worrying that you’re going to get a sunburn.

Coppertone Sport 100 SPF sunscreen, $9 (down from $10)

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