Woman dies trying to hike from Grand Canyon rim to Colorado River and back in a day

Grand Canyon National Park, Ariz. — Authorities say an Indiana woman died earlier this month while hiking inside Grand Canyon National Park.

The National Park Service said Wednesday that the 36-year-old from Westfield fell on May 14 while attempting to hike from the Grand Canyon Rim to the Colorado River and back in one day.

Rangers responded to a report of an unresponsive hiker on Bright Angel Trail above Three Mile Rest House. The Park Service says emergency personnel arrived but “the hiker became unconscious shortly thereafter” and resuscitation efforts were unsuccessful.

His name has not been released.

The Park Service and Coquino County Medical Examiner are investigating his death.

Bright Angel Trail above the Lower Tunnel in Grand Canyon National Park

National Park Service

Park rangers say the incident is a reminder that visitors, especially interior canyon hikers and backpackers, need to plan for the weather and expect very hot days in the coming weeks. It was unclear whether the weather played a role in his death.

Some exposed areas of the trail can reach 120 degrees during the summer.

Hiking in the inner valley is strongly discouraged from 10 am to 4 pm. Also, hiking from the bank to the river and back in one day is not encouraged.

“Hiking in extreme heat can pose serious health risks, including heat exhaustion, heat stroke, hyponatremia (electrolyte imbalances from drinking too much water and not eating enough salt),” the Park Service said in a news release. life-threatening) and death,” the Park Service said in a news release.

Rangers also say that response to emergency calls during the summer can be slower due to limited staffing, the number of rescue calls, employee safety requirements and the helicopter’s limited ability to fly during extreme heat or inclement weather. .

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