‘The Wrath of Becky’ Review: Teenage Riot

Continuing the vigilante adventures of its teenage drifter namesake (Lulu Wilson), “The Wrath of Becky” (a sequel “Bucky” in 2020) found him once again at war with right-wing knuckle-draggers.

It’s been two years since her father was murdered by neo-Nazis, and Becky and her canine companion, Diego, have burned through several foster families before finally landing in the home of kind Elena (Dennis Burris). Now 16, Becky works as a diner waitress, plays Scrabble with Elena and fantasizes about slitting the throat of a heterosexual customer. All she needs is an inciting incident, and here, on cue, come the Noblemen, a bunch of white supremacists and mutineers, who violently attack Elena and abandon Diego. If “John Wick” taught us anything, it’s never hurt a dog.

Directed by Matt Angell and Suzanne Cote, “The Wrath of Becky” follows the rote rhythm of a revenge thriller as Becky, in a red boiler suit and blue nails, leads the men to a cozy farmhouse and Tells news of their racist plans. The subsequent slaughters are inventive, fast-paced and the cat-and-mouse structure entertaining. But the rats themselves are — apart from their mild-mannered leader, played by Seann William Scott — such rude idiots that Becky’s superiority is never in doubt.

Considering the current multitude of such groups, “Becky’s Wrath” should at least have chilled us. But the film’s almost ludicrous treatment of its looseness, combined with Becky’s comedic style, haemorrhages the tension. Wilson, however, is consistently fantastic, and deserves more thought-provoking material. If there is to be a third film, the ending suggests that it might get one.

Becky’s Wrath
Rated R for offensive dialogue and gore. Running time: 1 hour 23 minutes. In theaters.

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