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In a recent interview with BBC UrduPakistani actress Salma Hassan talks about her career, divorce and upcoming projects. Hassan started his career in 1998 with the PTV series Dhup Mein Saawan but he gained immense popularity with the Indusvision sitcom. Subset High. At the peak of her career, she decided to marry actor-director Azfar Ali and started focusing more on her personal life than work.

The actor, who plays Mahir’s mother. i was in love In 2012, a few years after her divorce from Ali, she started working again. Talking about his character, he highlighted the importance of not following absolutes when it comes to his character. “This character was difficult to develop – the others are easy,” said Hasan.

Continuing, she said, “For most of the characters, I’m a mother, so it’s easy. Extreme? She talked about justifying her lack of character and thirst for money. “He didn’t care about relationships because there were none in that house. Money and peace are more important in his mind.”

Hassan also explained how the set was more of a food street than anything else. “It was a running joke. We separated the men and the women, but Wahj [Ali] Always stayed in our room because there was food there. The funniest thing that happened a few times was Shaheen [Khan] And I wore the same clothes on set. Clothes were often part of our pranks.”

The star also spoke about working with younger people in the entertainment industry, praising their energy. “You get their energy — they’re sharing it with you,” she said. “There’s constant music playing, everyone’s in their own world, their own bubble.”

Talking about Yumna Zaidi, Hassan explained how the young star is very caring, dedicated to her art as well. “She takes her work and her roles very seriously. She’ll be on set but her mind is always working. You don’t even realize it, and then she’ll say, ‘Should I try this?’ Should?’ So you realize she’s still thinking. And then she’ll bring it up. ‘Should I hug you right now?’ And her ideas are good. That means she gives 100 percent to her character.”

Moreover, Hassan also praised Hania Aamir. “I haven’t seen a good heart from Hania. She’s mischievous so you don’t realize it, but she has a heart of gold. She never tells anyone how much she does for them, but her After spending so much time together. I felt that she looked after everyone. One thing I loved about her was that even if there were juniors or extras on set, she would treat them with the same respect as she would ours. It does.” The actor also praised him. A fairy tale Colleague, Sahar Khan called him a ‘live wire’. “She’s always so excited about everything. She loves building her character, and everyone can see that.”

Haasan also highlighted the essential shades of gray for the characters. “I didn’t want to play a completely negative role. I found it difficult. In some places, you’re not thinking about it, you’re performing and enjoying it. Plus, you have plenty of margin to explore. The nuances.”

The actor also revealed how after his divorce, one of his fans met him at Karachi’s Dolmen Mall, when his daughter Fatima was quite young. “He was quite tall, and I still remember that he was wearing a white abaya. He greeted me and hugged me. That hug was very personal. She kept hugging me and started crying. And she gave me a hug. Said she prays a lot for me and my happiness. This is something I will remember for the rest of my life because a complete stranger comes from nowhere to love you, hug you and cry. And I Comforting him, reassuring him that I was fine.”

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