‘Imran Khan is going to apply for political asylum in US very soon’

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan. — AFP/File

Minister of State for Poverty Alleviation and Social Security Faisal Karim Kundi said on Thursday that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan will soon seek political asylum in the United States.

“I am going to give you some news that I have received from my sources: Imran Khan will soon apply for political asylum in the United States,” Kundi, who is also a Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) official, said. told reporters.

Following his arrest on May 9 – a day the army declared a “black day”, party activists torched and vandalized military installations, including the general headquarters in Rawalpindi. Feeling the heat of power.

Several party leaders and thousands of activists have been arrested in connection with the violent protests, and the military has insisted that those involved in attacks on military installations be prosecuted under the Pakistan Army Act and the Official Secrets Act.

Khan’s close aide Asad Umar has resigned from the posts of secretary general and core committee member citing the current situation.

Many party leaders and legislators including Shireen Mazari, Aamir Mehmood Kayani, Malik Amin Aslam, Mehmood Maulvi, Aftab Siddiqui, Fayyazul Hasan Chauhan have publicly condemned the attacks on state institutions and announced to quit the former ruling party from May 9. What is it. Demolish, Destroy

Defense Minister Khawaja Asif said the federal government was considering banning the PTI after it found evidence that party supporters carried out “pre-planned” and “coordinated” attacks on public property and military installations. are

In his presser, Kundi said: “Soon, we will see news flashing on our TV screens that Imran Khan has applied for political asylum.”

I want US Congressman to ask Imran Khan about pending cases against him in US and UK. This is why Khan is unable to travel to the UK, but is trying to escape to America.

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