From caregiver to career: A 27-year-old Iowa woman with a 99 percent chance her father has dementia is optimistic.

‘I have a future’ – Alyssa Nash, 27, faces possible dementia but maintains an optimistic outlook. Continue reading…

Surgical Soundtrack A “life-saving radio” helps surgeons get “in the zone.” Continue reading…

Kick the habit – The first new smoking cessation drug is nearing approval. Here are the details. Continue reading…

Distribution of smoking drugs

In drug trials, cytisinicline reduced nicotine craving and withdrawal with fewer side effects. (iStock)

Saving children’s lives – Children as young as 4 years old can start learning emergency medical training. Continue reading…

AI ACES Exam The latest version of ChatGPT passes a radiology board-style test as experts raise concerns about judgment and significance. Continue reading…

Cancer Chatbot “Dave” helps enhance cancer care with 24/7 support. Continue reading…

A woman with cancer on the pill

For people suffering from and undergoing treatment for cancer, an artificial intelligence chatbot called “Dave” is trained to discuss oncology. (iStock)

RSV recommendation – An FDA committee votes to support an RSV vaccine for pregnant women. Here’s why. Continue reading…

Open your eyes Contact lenses may contain “permanent chemicals,” study suggests. Continue reading…

Water conservation – Get a refresher on the basics of pool safety. Continue reading…

Children's water safety distribution

Families and caregivers can get a refresher on the basics of pool safety from a pediatrician. (iStock)

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