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Sao Paulo: BrazilThe world’s biggest chicken exporter has declared a nationwide “animal health emergency” after eight cases of avian flu were confirmed in wild birds, officials said.
The 180-day move was announced Monday night. Ministry of Agriculture. The goal is to “prevent (the virus) from spreading in pet birds and commercial poultry operations, as well as protect animal and human health,” it said in a statement.
The move comes after authorities confirmed three new cases of bird flu on Monday, bringing the total to eight since the disease was first detected in the country two weeks ago.
All cases have occurred in wild birds.
One was reported in the state of Rio de Janeiro and seven in neighboring states. Espirito Santoboth in the southeast of Brazil.
The move extends the already imposed suspension on bird exhibitions and fairs.
Minister of Agriculture Carlos Favaro He said it would “mobilize resources” to take precautionary measures to contain the virus.
Brazil, the world’s largest chicken exporter last year, supplies about 35 percent of all poultry on the international market.
The current bird flu epidemic began in Canada in 2021, then spread to the United States. Latin America.
There is no cure for the disease, which is often fatal in both wild and domesticated birds.
Avian influenza viruses do not usually infect humans, although rare cases have occurred.
Industry group ABPA He said the cases would not affect Brazil’s exports, as no infections had been registered in commercial operations.

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