Biden Praises His Joint Chiefs Nominee as a ‘Top-Notch Strategist’

President Biden on Thursday called for a new era of innovation in the U.S. military as he retooled the nation’s armed forces to hunt down terrorists, manage growing competition with China and counter Russian aggression in Europe. formally announced his choice to lead the armed forces into an uncertain future.

Introducing Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr. as his nominee for chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mr. Biden described him as a “proud, butt-kicking American airman” and a “high-level strategist.” as an instrument. But he said the one quality that impressed him most was the general’s vision and commitment to constant forward thinking, exemplified by the “change fast or lose” doctrine he followed in the Air Force. As Chief of Staff.

“With General Brown as chairman, I know I will be able to rely on his advice as a military strategist and leader of military innovation dedicated to keeping our armed forces the best in the world — and They are the best forces in the world. The history of the world, and that’s a fact,” Mr. Biden said with General Brown in the Rose Garden. “I can also trust him as a thoughtful, deliberate leader who is not afraid to speak his mind, as someone who will deliver an honest message that needs to be heard and when He will always do the right thing when it is difficult.”

If confirmed by the Senate, General Brown would become only the second black chairman of the Joint Chiefs and, along with Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III, the first black to lead the military in both senior civilian and uniformed positions. . . General Brown, known as CQ, drew attention when he made a videotape in which he spoke about racism and his own experiences following the killing of George Floyd by a white police officer three years ago. There was an animated talk about.

But his nomination comes at a time when some hard-right Republicans in the Senate have accused the military of being too “woke” and concerned about diversity, a topic that General Brown has long criticized. May come up during confirmation hearings. Tommy Tuberville, a Republican senator from Alabama, has accused the military of doing too much to diversify, saying it has weakened the armed forces, and efforts to weed out “white extremists” from the ranks. Condemned.

Mr. Biden, by contrast, praised his video of General Brown following Mr. Floyd’s killing. “He took real backbone and struck a chord with Americans across the country, not just our military members,” the president said. “The CQ is a fearless leader and an unwavering patriot.”

General Brown is a fighter pilot with over 3,000 flight hours, including 130 combat hours. He once had to bail out of a burning F-16 fighter jet over the Everglades in 1991, earning the call sign “Swamp Thing.” The sons and grandsons of war veterans, he has held command positions over forces in Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific.

He will replace General Mark A. Milley, whose term expires in October and whose tenure with Mr. Biden’s predecessor, Donald J. Trump, has clashed with the president’s efforts to politicize the armed forces, as well as with withdrawals. Turbulent conflicts were identified. From Afghanistan and the war in Ukraine under Mr. Biden.

The president made a point of thanking General Milley on Thursday, who sat front row in the Rose Garden. “I have complete confidence in you,” said the president. He also thanked General Brown’s wife Sherin and his sons Sean and Ross.

The nation’s top military officials also offered their support for General Brown’s nomination.

“He’s an incredibly competent and professional officer and what he brings to the table — to any table — is professionalism,” Mr. Austin said in a briefing with reporters after the virtual meeting. Deep experience of war”. Ukraine Defense Coordination Group. “And I have personal knowledge of it.”

General Milley said General Brown has “all the knowledge, skills and attributes” to serve as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and that he has “great chemistry” with both Mr. Biden and Mr. Austin. “CQ is absolutely fantastic and I look forward to the confirmation soon,” said General Milley.

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