Apple MacBook price tracker: When to buy a new laptop


Apple MacBooks There are some of them The best laptops in 2023. These devices a Best choice for gift giving, Planning your summer adventure But more. However, Apple MacBooks are the most expensive laptops on the market, so it’s smart to wait until you can find one on sale. To help, we’ve compiled this Apple MacBook price tracker for you to strike. When the deals are hot. And get the best price on a new laptop.

CBS Essentials experts analyzed historical pricing data using the top Apple MacBook models. Camel Camel To uncover key data patterns and help you find the best time to buy. Ready for a new one. MacBook Air or MacBook Pro? Now might be a good time. Learn more ahead.

When to Buy Apple MacBook Pro



If you’re looking for the latest model or the best MacBook for photo and video editing, look no further. The new 2023 MacBook Pro includes Apple’s latest M2 processor chip for faster performance and enhanced processing capabilities. It also offers a better battery life of 18 hours and a better camera.

The Apple MacBook Pro M2 is available in two screen sizes: 14.2 inches and 16.2 inches. The screen features Apple’s Liquid Retina XDR display. Buyers also have many choices when it comes to sunglasses. There are two versions of the M2 chip to choose from: M2 Pro and M2 Max. The M2 Pro has up to 12 CPU, up to 19 GPU and up to 32 GB of memory. The M2 Max has up to 12 CPUs, up to 38 GPUs and up to 96 GB of memory.

Now may be a good time to buy a new Apple MacBook Pro, depending on what size you have your eye on. The 14.2-inch MacBook Pro is on sale now, but if you don’t need a new MacBook right away, you’re better off waiting for a deep discount. Currently sitting at $1,936, we’ve seen this model for as low as $1,750 in the past. Since Apple MacBooks usually go on sale during Amazon Prime Day, we recommend waiting until then. Amazon Prime Day 2023 For a better deal.

14.2″ Apple 2023 MacBook Pro with M2 chip (10-core CPU and 16-core GPU), $1,936 (reduced from $1,999)

on the other hand, 16.2-inch model Currently at its best price. Since the laptop is still fairly new, it hasn’t been sold many times before. Previously, the lowest price we’ve seen for this laptop is $2,300. Right now, the 16.3-inch MacBook Pro is just $2,250. That’s a $200 savings off list price!

16.2″ Apple 2023 MacBook Pro with M2 Pro chip (12-core CPU and 19-core GPU), $2,250 (reduced from $2,450)

When to Buy Apple Macbook Air



The latest model of Macbook Air also has the M2 chip. It is an upgraded version of the MacBook Air M1 that supports faster processing with next-generation 8-core CPU, up to 10-core GPU and up to 24GB of integrated memory. The Apple MacBook Air M2 features a 13.6-inch Retina display screen and an improved HD camera.

This model is not currently on sale. We recommend waiting to buy this model until the next big Amazon sale. The price fell to $1,000 earlier in the month and will likely sell off again during that time. Amazon Prime Day 2023. If you need a new MacBook Air now and want a good deal, you might want to consider the 2020 Apple MacBook Air, which is currently on sale for $800.

Apple MacBook Air (2022), $1,199

Apple MacBook Air (2020), $800 (under $1,000)

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