Suspect charged with shoving woman into moving New York City subway train

Suspect in subway push arrested for attempted murder

Suspect in subway push arrested for attempted murder


A man was arrested Wednesday on charges of attempted second-degree murder and subsequent assault. Allegedly pushing a woman into the path of a moving subway Weekend train in New York City.

Prosecutors say Kamal Semrad, 39, pushed Ayman Yilmaz, 35, onto the train. As it departed Sunday at a subway station on the Upper East Side, and then fled the scene.

Yilmaz suffered severe spinal cord injuries, the family said. He added that she was going to work at that time.

Semrad was arrested Monday at a shelter in Queens, the NYPD reported. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority said investigators used surveillance images from MTA cameras to identify the suspect. Sources told CBS New York that investigators received information that Semrad was living in a shelter near LaGuardia Airport.

At his arraignment Wednesday, a prosecutor from the Manhattan district attorney’s office said Simred had no prior criminal record, and called the attack “completely unprovoked.”

Metropolitan Transportation Authority CEO Jano Lieber said on Wednesday that he wanted the attacker to suffer “as much consequence as possible”.

“We want to see the book thrown at this guy, whoever he is, whatever his motivation is,” Lieber said. “We need our riders to know that these types of people will face greater consequences.”

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