Longest nose record holder Mehmet Ozyurek passes away at 75

Mehmet Ozurek was laid to rest in his hometown of Artun.-guinnessworldrecords.com

The Guinness World Record (GWR) holder for the longest nose, Mehmet Ozurek, has died at the age of 75.

Its nose, which measured 3.46 inches, was confirmed as a world record by the GWR in November 2021. Prior to this, Mr Ozurek had already been recognized twice as the person with the longest nose – first in 2001 at the show ‘Guinness World Records: Prime Time’ in Los Angeles, and again in 2010 in Italy. On ‘Love Show Day Record’.

According to GWR, Mr Ozyurek was widely known and loved for his zest for life and often spoke of feeling “blessed” to have a record-breaking nose. His last rites were held in his hometown of Artvin.

GWR reported that Mr. Ozurek fell ill and suffered a heart attack while he was scheduled for surgery. Despite the efforts of the doctors, they could not revive him.

“We are in pain. My father had a kind heart and always tried not to offend anyone,” Baris, Mr Ozurek’s son, said, thanking the people of Artvin and his supporters. He found comfort not only with his nose, but also with them. His life.”

In 2021, Mr. Ozyurek shared with GWR that his sense of smell was different from others. “I can smell something and say, ‘It smells bad in here,'” he explained. Others may say, ‘We don’t smell anything.’ I tell them, ‘You might not smell it, but I can.’

He attributed his distinctively large nose to a family trait, although the exact cause was never known.

Mehmet Ozurek’s death marks the end of the world record holder for the longest nose. His unique gift and friendly nature will be remembered by many who admired his extraordinary accomplishments.

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