Lahore issues new timings for eateries, bakeries in Ramadan

A waiter prepares tables at a Chinese restaurant catering to the growing Chinese population in Islamabad. – Reuters/File

Restaurants, food outlets will be allowed to operate from Iftar to 6 AM.
Timings to be in force till Ramadan.
The old times will be restored after the Eid holidays.

District administration of Lahore announced new working hours on Friday. Food items and bakeries during the holy month of Ramadan — which were replaced last year due to worsening smog conditions.

In December last year, the Lahore High Court (LHC) ordered the early closure of markets and restaurants as the provincial capital was one of the worst-hit cities. Smog.

These orders remained in force till now with some modifications made on January 20 and March 30.

The timings have now been revised according to which restaurants and eateries will be allowed to operate from there. Iftar to 6 a.m. the following morning, while bakeries will be allowed to operate from their opening hours until 1 a.m.

According to a notification issued by Lahore District Commissioner Rafia Haider, “Certain medical stores and pharmacies (to the extent of medicines), hospitals, laboratories, petrol pumps, CNG stations, milk shops, ovens, puncture shops are exempted.” Will stay.” described

The old timings will be reverted later, the notification said. Ramadan And Eid holidays

It further states that any business found in violation of this order will be dealt with as per the instructions of the Lahore High Court.

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