Actress says King Charles was too busy to hug Harry

Journalist Dan Wootton was among those who praised King Charles after reports emerged that he had refused to meet Prince Harry during his stay in the UK.

On Twitter, Wooten wrote, “Congratulations to King Charles for telling his traitorous son Prince Harry that he is “too busy” to see him for his grief and attention on his visit to the UK.

He added, “Trying to destroy your family for millions of people in Hollywood always has real consequences. These are them.”

Responding to a reporter, actress Dancy Welch said, “He (King) was always too busy, though Dean is the problem, too busy to hug his mother when she died. The young boy had to go through such horrible things.” Being busy arranging to save from the incident. The funeral ordeal from which he never recovered. Too busy to save them both from their affair.”

In a separate tweet, she also shared her experience with the media and wrote, “I can only imagine the lengths to which the Mail and The Mirror went with Harry. A female journalist resulting in such There were stories that destroyed lifelong friendships because I blamed them for the ‘leaks’.”

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