The best range hoods in 2023

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Complete the look of your kitchen with one of the best range hoods in 2023. The experts at CBS Essentials have found many attractive stainless-steel hoods, including a variety of under-cabinet range hoods, wall-mounted range hoods, island range hoods and ductless range hoods to go above your electric oven or stove

Range hoods are great at dispersing cooking fumes, smoke and unwanted odor from your dinner endeavors (and disasters). CBS Essentials has consulted cooking technology expert Chef Andrew Forlines for range hood recommendations, and our team has combed through the internet for top-rated range hoods that suit a variety of kitchen needs. These kitchen hoods are outfitted with LED lights so you can easily read different settings. These home appliances feature powerful airflow volume that traps bad smells and can help air circulate. 

Zephyr Core Series Verona wall-mount convertible hood, $1,499 (regularly $1,874)

Samsung wall-mount hood, $1,304 (regularly $1,449)

Vent-A-Hood professional wall-mount range hood and duct cover, $3,194

But before you buy any type of range hood, there are some things you need to know. 

Things to know about range hoods

A range hood is a wonderful addition to indoor and outdoor kitchen spaces. No matter if you’re frying chicken on the stove, sizzling steaks on the barbecue out back or worried about a lingering cooking smell in your kitchen, range hoods can help provide more ventilation and reduce cooking scents, smoke and more. These devices sit above your oven or stovetop. In some cases, they’re built into your microwave or under a cabinet. 

Size matters when it comes to the best range hood for your kitchen. Forlines told CBS Essentials, “when it comes to ventilation in the home, I recommend a hood larger than the range itself.” 

Forlines explained that readers should shop for a range hood that is about six inches larger than your home appliance. “If you have a 30-inch range, you’re going to want a 36-inch hood to capture all of those smells and particulates that come out of cooking,” Forlines said. 

For the best range hood ventilation, our expert told us, “I always recommend people turn it on low before they start cooking, so that you can train the airflow to capture more as it is created.”

There are several different types of range hoods on the market. But which one is right for you? Keep reading to discover what to look for in a range hood.

What to look for in a range hood

There are a variety of hood types to consider. If you have a kitchen island, you might opt for an island range hood. If you have cabinets above your range, an under-cabinet hood will do the best job at filtering out odor and smoke. A convertible range hood can operated with both ducted and ductless systems. A ducted range hood ventilates by pushing smoke through its ductwork and out of your space. A ductless range hood filters cooking fumes in the air before circulating it around your space. 

Why is your range hood so loud? And how do you make it less noisy? “The noise is not the fan. It’s not the motor you hear. The noise is the wind turbulence against those mesh filters that you’re forcing air through,” Forlines explained. “All your standard ventilation is going to have some kind of filter or system to remove those particulates, and that’s causing the noise with turbulence. So if you put it on low, it’s going to be lower noise.” 

If you’re looking to run a range hood that makes less noise, Forlines lists his favorite quiet range hoods ahead. You’ll have to keep reading to discover what they are.

The best range hoods in 2023

These range hoods are recommended by experts and feature a four-star rating or higher, plus tons of positive customer reviews. Some of these range hoods are even on sale now. 

Samsung wall-mount hood



This 4.1-star-rated Samsung wall-mount hood features Bluetooth connectivity to sync with your cooktop. It’s equipped with 390 CFM (that’s cubic-feet-per-minute), which means it can quickly circulate air to remove odors in no time.

Samsung wall-mount hood, $1,304 (regularly $1,449)

Vent-A-Hood professional wall-mount range hood and duct cover


Vent-A-Hood via BBQGuys

Forlines recommends a brand called Vent-A-Hood, which is what he uses in his own home. According to the chef, this brand moves air around with a fan instead of a filter.  “The way it’s designed, it’s able to capture (smells and particulates) and fling them into the capture vessel,” he told CBS Essentials.

This particular model is suitable for use in covered outdoor applications when installed in a GFCI protected branch circuit. It features Vent-A-Hood’s Whisper Quiet Technology to silently remove odors and smoke from cooking.

Vent-A-Hood professional wall-mount range hood and duct cover, $3,194

Vent-A-Hood ducted under-cabinet range hood


Vent-A-Hood via Wayfair

This under-cabinet range hood is outfitted with a range light and range hood vent components. This range boasts 600 CFM, which means it can powerfully ventilate cooking smoke and smells. 

Vent-A-Hood ducted under-cabinet range hood, $1,854

Bertazzoni Professional Series wall-mount convertible hood


Bertazzoni via Appliances Connection

“I like how it comes with 400 CFM blower, LED lights and aluminum mesh filters. It arrived on time and in great condition. It works well and looks really nice,” wrote an Appliances Connection customer who bought this five-star-rated convertible hood.

This Bertazzoni appliance is is available in multiple sizes. Prices vary.

Bertazzoni Professional Series wall-mount convertible hood, $929 and up

Zephyr Core Series Verona wall-mount convertible hood


Zephyr via Appliances Connection

This 4.9-star-rated range hood features an LED display and 600 CFM. The kitchen appliance includes the brand’s Airflow Control Technology, an exclusive feature built into specific Zephyr hoods which can limit the maximum blower CFM to meet local code requirements. 

Plus, it looks great. “This vent hood is truly awesome,” shared an Appliances Connection customer. “Looks beautiful and it’s very effective. I love the way it looks, it makes my kitchen look so modern.”

Zephyr Core Series Verona wall-mount convertible hood, $1,499 (regularly $1,874)

Windster Hoods convertible range hood


Windster Hoods via Best Buy

This convertible hood is a great choice for people with a range or stovetop built into a kitchen island. This 4.8-star-rated range hood blasts a powerful 780 CFM (the most powerful of our selection) and features three fan speeds to remove smoke and odors from your kitchen. It includes washable filters.

Windster Hoods convertible range hood, $1,096

Windster under-cabinet ducted hood


Windster via Appliances Connection

This under-cabinet range hood by Windster offers a powerful motor with three speeds and up to 500 CFM of ventilation. The hood also features LED lighting, electronic push button controls and baffle filter.

Windster under-cabinet ducted hood, $557

Shop the best electric ranges in 2023

Looking for an electric stove or the best electric range? How about a convection oven or an induction range? Shop our selection of top-rated kitchen appliances below.

Samsung smart slide-in induction range



This Samsung induction range provides the visual appeal of gas cooking with the precision of induction cooking. This 4.6-star-rated smart range can be controlled via your smartphone or voice assistant. The appliance learns your cooking preferences and will recommend your most-used settings. 

No air fryer? No problem. The Samsung smart slide-in induction range also includes a no pre-heat air fry mode. 

Samsung smart slide-in induction range, $2,599 (regularly $4,178)

Samsung smart Instant Heat induction range



According to Samsung, this Instant Heat induction cooktop gets hotter faster than Samsung’s gas or electric cooktops. The appliance generates heat directly through your cookware for a quick, concentrated boost in temp. The appliance’s induction burners feature instant temperature control for more precise cooking. 

This 4.6-star-rated smart induction range can be controlled via smartphone or voice assistant. 

Samsung smart Instant Heat induction range, $1,574 (reduced from $1,699)

LG smart Wi-Fi-enabled induction slide-in range



This 6.3-cubic-foot capacity LG smart induction range is outfitted with LEDs that display power levels next to each cooking element. Its induction elements heat super quickly and offer even cooking.

This 4.2-star-rated range offers convection baking. Its heating element is mounted on the rear wall, instead of the bottom, for more even heat.

The entire device can be controlled remotely using LG’s ThinQ App. 

“We love the range. It boils water much faster than gas and the top is so easy to keep clean,” wrote an LG customer who purchased the kitchen appliance.

LG smart Wi-Fi enabled induction slide-in range, $3,099

Samsung smart Bespoke slide-in electric range



Samsung’s Bespoke line lets you customize the appearance of your kitchen. Color coordinate your refrigerator with this electric range. Choose from the colors “navy steel” or “Tuscan steel.” 

The fingerprint-resistant appliance features Samsung’s fastest burner ever (3600 W). The five-burner cooktop includes dual- and triple-ring burners for cooking with different-sized pots and pans. 

This gas cooktop and electric oven duo is fully Wi-Fi-connected and voice-enabled. Use your phone to monitor your cooktop and set and adjust the cook time and temperature of your oven through Samsung’s SmartThings app.

Samsung smart Bespoke slide-in electric range, $1,599 (reduced from $2,300)

Samsung smart freestanding electric range with Flex Duo



Samsung’s Flex Duo lets you cook two dishes at different temperatures. The full oven can be split into two smaller units that can be heated independently. 

This freestanding electric ranges features an air-fry function. It comes with an air-fry tray as well as a removable nonstick griddle.

The fingerprint-resistant Samsung smart range is fully Wi-Fi connected and voice enabled.

Samsung smart freestanding electric range with Flex Duo, $1,394 (regularly $1,500)

Amana freestanding electric range


Best Buy

This Amana freestanding electric range features a ceramic cooktop surface, an extra-large viewing window and a storage drawer to hold cookie sheets, pots and pans. The appliance includes a Shabbat mode. 

“I love how it looks, how it bakes and how it cooks,” wrote a Best Buy customer who purchased the Amana. “Features are great. Blended beautifully in my kitchen and it matched my countertops. Price met our budget.”

Amana freestanding electric range, $500 (regularly $870)

GE freestanding electric convection range with self-steam cleaning


Best Buy

This freestanding GE electric range has a dual burner cooktop and an air-fry mode. It also features a fast preheat, a fifth element warming zone and a self-cleaning mode with steam clean. 

“Bought this range over a month ago and I love it!” wrote a Best Buy customer who purchased the GE appliance. “The convection bake cooks nice and even, no burnt spots. The power boil is fast and great if you’re short on time. It definitely heats up my food [more quickly] and more evenly than my old unit. Looks beautiful in my kitchen.”

GE freestanding electric convection range with self-steam cleaning, $950 (reduced from $990)

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