Savour the Flavors of the Coast in the Heart of Delhi

All these dishes are available at the restaurant throughout the year for foodies. (In Frame: Sana Dege’s Fish)

This restaurant has created a collection of culinary experience for the food connoisseurs of Delhi.

Carrying forward the legacy of coastal cuisine, Sana-di-gay, New Delhi recently showcased its rich culture and heritage to the media through its traditional signature recipes, which are passed down from generation to generation. These age-old recipes are the heritage gems of India and have been developed, developed and nurtured for ages. They are not regular recipes, but special ones. These dishes are the treasures of the Shetty family, who have mastered these dishes with years of experience. At Sana-di-ge, every dish is prepared with extraordinary care and love.

Signature dishes include the traditional drink – Sol Kadi, starters like Neetha Kuri (chicken ghee roast – made with authentic spices and chunks of chicken with clarified butter), mushroom varwal (fresh mushrooms, deep fried and pan fried in South Indian spices). thrown together). nuts and curry leaves), soups such as mamsa manasinakalu saro (lamb short stock with hot peppers and spices), nigekai soup (spicy drumstick broth) and main course dishes such as Mangalorean fish curry (with a coconut base Fresh Kingfish cooked in Mangalorean spices), Nuggekai Pulimunchi (tender drumsticks cooked in traditional Pulimunchi masala) and many more. The extravagance does not end here. There are nee choro (minced rice cooked with aromatic spices and clarified butter), ilner payasam (a soulful combination of coconut cream and fresh tender coconut pulp) and other dishes to delight your senses.

Talking about these dishes, Executive Chef, Sukesh Kanchan says, “We are excited to showcase our rich culture and traditions, though in this gastronomic journey we are serving a few dishes from the vast diversity of our culture. These numerous dishes are unique and celebrate the local produce of the regions they belong to. There are non-veg delights as well as veg delights, which are bound to capture the hearts of the people. Southern Regions I have a variety of local cuisines to offer and with this exhibition, we want to bring attention to our traditional recipes that our forefathers have handed down to us.” Asha Shetty, sister of K Prakash Shetty, founder of MRG Group. I feel very fortunate to have been trained under the auspices of. These recipes are a real treasure of the Shetty family and we are happy to be able to present them to everyone.

The restaurant has curated a collection of culinary experiences for Delhi’s foodies for this special exhibition.

All these dishes are available at the restaurant throughout the year for foodies.

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