Prince Harry will have to leave US after visa uproar ?

Some royal experts believe Prince Harry will have to leave the US after demands that his visa application be made public.

The demand was made by the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, in light of his admissions of drug use.

The Duke of Sussex has admitted to using drugs in the past, including cocaine, cannabis and psychedelics.

An report quoted two royal observers as saying that Harry would have to “pack his bags” and return to the UK.

“It might be illegal, she might have to pack her bags and go back home,” said Christina Garibaldi, host of the Royally Us podcast.

Co-host Christine Ross added: “I can’t imagine the drama it would be if Prince Harry was deported. You know, it’s true. When you apply for a visa you have Having to prove that you are indeed an upstanding citizen, there is no chance that you will be in trouble in your new country.

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