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Cruel GirlsThe popular teen comedy film has maintained its global popularity and cult following since its release a decade ago.

Although the film grossed $130 million worldwide at the box office. IMDBauthor Rosalind Wiseman reveals. The New York Post That he did not get the profits he was promised after the success of the film.

Directed by Mark Waters, and starring Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Lacy Chabert, and Amanda Seyfried, the film was inspired by a book. Queen bees and wannabeswhich was used as the source for Tina Fey’s script in 2002 for just over $400,000.

Speaking to the publication, Wiseman, the book’s author, revealed that he was told there were no profits to share with the studio, Paramount Pictures, due to additional expenses.

Although Wiseman signed away all the rights he had. Cruel Girls films or derivative projects, such as musicals based on the film, as part of the deal, his contract provided for net profits from the 2004 film depending on box office success.

Wiseman’s attorney, Ryan Keech, also told the outlet that he wants an audit of Paramount’s books. “I doubt most people would be surprised at how Rosalind Wiseman has been treated,” Keach said. “And just like that. It’s nothing short of shameful for a company with the resources of Paramount to deny Ms. Wiseman the level she so richly deserves for creating which has become the most popular. entertainment franchises of the past 25 years.”

Wiseman also criticized Fay for not supporting him more in the trial. “It was very much a ‘we’re doing this together’ kind of experience,” Wiseman said. , has also been very painful. That’s really my job, specifically Cruel Girls. Women don’t need to be best friends – we can be mad at each other, but when it comes down to it, we actually need to support each other.”

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