Man looking for deer antlers finds human skeleton in Kansas

Kansas authorities are investigating after a man found human skeletal remains while searching for an antler shed Saturday evening.

The man, who has not been identified, was looking for antler sheds, or antlers dropped by bucks, in Allen County for the Kansas Bureau of Investigation. said in a news release. The remains were found near Arizona Road and 1800th Street, east of Humboldt, a small town about 110 miles from Kansas City, Kansas.

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation and the Allen County Sheriff’s Office are investigating the death. The Allen County Sheriff’s Office told CBS News Tuesday morning that there were no updates on the case. There is no identification of the remains.

Identification is “expected to take longer than normal due to the condition of the remains,” the bureau said in its news release.

No details on the condition of the remains were provided. The bureau said there is no danger to the public. An autopsy is scheduled, and the bureau contacted law enforcement with anyone with information about the case.

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