Babar is not a born captain: Sikander Bakht

Sikandar Bakht (left) and Babur Azam. — Facebook/Sikander Bakht/AFP/File

Pakistan’s former test cricketer Sikandar Bakht has criticized the captain of the national team. Babar Azam, Saying that he is not a “born leader”.

During a recent interview on a YouTube channel, Bakht said that Babar lacks natural leadership skills.

“To be honest, Babur There is a lot to learn as a captain. There are many people who are born leaders. Babar is not a born leader,” he said.

The cricketer-turned-analyst said, “When he was given the captaincy, I said in my interview that he was not a good choice.” I wanted him to prove me wrong by showing his captaincy but he didn’t.

Citing examples of Babar’s weaknesses in captaincy, Bakht highlighted that he did not use Agha Salman and Iftikhar Ahmed with the ball in the recent Test series.

“Let me give you a recent example, Agha Salman is an off-spinner, Babar only bowled him two to three overs in one Test, and in the second match, he let him bowl full overs, he didn’t even use Iftikhar. ” he recalled.

Under the Babur’s Captained, Pakistan lost three, won one, and drew three of the nine Tests played in 2022. They lost the home Test series against Australia and England.

Moreover, Bakht questioned Babar’s captaincy skills while making decisions according to the situation.

“Many times I think Babar does scripted captaincy. He plans and brings it to the ground. It doesn’t work at all. Cricket is a game of situations. As a captain you have to be so smart. react in different situations, if you don’t, you are not a good captain,” he opined.

“Let me tell you, Mushtaq Ahmed was our captain, he used to bring in Wasim Raja, one of the great all-rounders of his time, to provide the breakthrough, so many times Mushtaq used Wasim and later came. Wale provided a breakthrough. team before lunch,” he mentioned.

“Babar is 50 per cent captain and he needs to learn the other 50 per cent,” he concluded.

Under Babar’s leadership, Pakistan have played 60 international matches from 2019 to 2022. He won 40 and lost 21. Babar also led the Pakistan team in the semi-finals of the ICCT Twenty20 World Cup 2021, the final of the ICCT Twenty20 World Cup 2022 and the Asia Cup. 2022.

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