Royal biographer shares opinion on King Charles ‘punishment’ to Prince Harry and Andrew

A royal expert has claimed that Prince Harry and Prince Andrew were punished by King Charles III in just “a scrimmage”.

Christopher Anderson, author of The King, gave the advice after the monarch asked the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to vacate their royal residence in Windsor.

“Putting the Sussexes out of Frogmore Cottage wasn’t just revenge for what Harry wrote about Camilla in ‘Spear,’ and it wasn’t just a cost-cutting measure,” Anderson told Fox News.

He added: “In one fell swoop, the monarch has managed to look like he’s being economical while punishing both Harry and Andrew at the same time – a royal trifecta.”

The analysis comes shortly after a spokesman for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex revealed that the couple had been asked to leave their UK home.

The decision to evict the couple from the cottage – where they have not lived since moving to California after leaving royal duties in 2020 – follows the release of Harry’s controversial memoir Spear.

Prince Andrew has reportedly been offered the accommodation because it is smaller than his Royal Lodge home.

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