Over 11,000 vote for Khalistan Referendum in Brisbane amid cyber attacks

Voters at a voting center in Brisbane. – the author

Brisbane: More than 11,000 Sikhs participated in the second phase of the Khalistan referendum. Brisbane convention and exhibition center amid a wave of Indian cyber security mercenary attacks on electronic voting machines.

Voting was disrupted three times as the electronic online voting system came under a major cyber security attack by suspected Indian hackers. The first attack was carried out within 30 minutes of the start of voting and the system went down. The system was restored within 30 minutes. For the second and third cyber attacks, the system was restored within 20 minutes each time.

The pro-Khalistan separatist group Sikhs for Justice (SFJ), which organized the referendum, said it suspected Indian state-backed hackers were involved in the planned attack. SFJ said this is not the first time an Indian state has done this, as similar attempts have been made during previous voting rounds across Europe. He said there is evidence of this. Indian Govt Involved in cyber attacks against Sikhs.

Outside the exhibition center, large banners in support of Khalistan and Sikh rights were displayed that read “Khalistan Referendum, Punjab, Simla Capital” and “Khalistan Referendum, Separation of Punjab from India”.

On March 19, the “Battlefield — Brisbane” Khalistan Referendum Voting Center was dedicated to Shaheed Bhai Harmeet Singh Bhowwal and Shaheed Bibi Baljinder Kaur, who were killed in a bomb blast on December 5, 1992, along with their nine-month-old son Putar Singh. was Police Force in Haryana

The SFJ held a second round of the referendum in Brisbane after the first round of voting. Melbourne The end of January this year saw a huge turnout of over 50,000. The third and final leg of the Australian leg is scheduled to be held in Sydney in June this year. SFJ has organized voting on the question “Should Indian-administered Punjab be an independent country?” under the supervision of the Punjab Referendum Commission (PRC).

SFJ General Counsel and New York-based attorney Gurpatwant Singh Pinan said Australian Sikhs have responded strongly to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s efforts to block the Khalistan referendum vote in Australian cities.

Panon commented: “The global Khalistan referendum vote sets the countdown for the final battle to liberate Punjab from Indian occupation.”

Khalistan Council President Dr. Bakshish Singh Sindhu said that in one city after another in the West, Sikhs are coming out in thousands to cast their votes to express their desire for the establishment of an independent state of Khalistan for Sikhs. He said that the Indian Hindutva state has denied the basic human rights of the Sikhs in India and that is the reason why the Sikhs living outside India are deviating themselves for freedom from the Indian occupation of Punjab.

Voting in seven UK cities starting in October 2021 has also taken place in Switzerland, Italy and two centers in Canada.

According to the 2021 census, there are about 230,000 Sikhs living in Australia, but local Sikhs say the actual number is closer to 300,000. There were 130,000 Sikhs in Australia in 2016. According to the 2021 census, the number of Hindus in Australia was around 700,000. The largest number of Sikhs live in Melbourne, followed by Sydney and Brisbane.

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