Jim Gaffigan: From laughs to ZZZs

Jim Gaffigan’s impressive resume includes comedian, actor, writer and producer. Now, he’s adding another title: sleep aids…

When I was a kid, to enjoy stand-up comedy, you either needed to know someone whose parents owned comedy albums, or you had to follow the local news and hope, hopefully. Johnny Carson had to be ready to get a stand-up comedian. on the “Tonight Show.” I often fell asleep during the news. I remember when the news came. Boring

Yes, I grew up a long time ago! I just Watch Like I’m in my 20s.

Stand-up comedy has been accessible everywhere for decades. Cable TV, Satellite Radio, Netflix, Amazon, YouTube on all social media platforms. It’s a good thing, and it’s changed the lives of a lot of comedians, and allowed me to be a normal dad to a lot of kids. People can search for comedians they enjoy and listen to that comedian instantly. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Now lately, I’ve noticed a trend that is, well, I think, weird. On more than one occasion I have often been told by a stranger, “My 10-year-old son listens to you to sleep.” “My children listen to you as a nightly ritual.” “Your stand-up helps my teenager at bedtime.”

I’m always like, “Um, right?”

These comments are always meant as compliments, but I’m never sure how to respond to being used as a sleep aid. It is not pleasant to be told that you are the human equivalent of warm milk.

I’ve never been considered a “smart” comedian, but I’ve always wanted to laugh, not snort.

Anyway, next time you can’t sleep, don’t count sheep. Just say, “Hey, play Jim Gaffigan.”

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Story by Arya Shelson and Sarah Kogel. Editor: Mike Levine.

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