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Director Nadeem Baig was recently invited to a local game show hosted by Fahad Mustafa and was asked who throws the most tantrums on the sets. In a rapid-fire round, he was offered a choice between Urwa Hussain, Ayeza Khan and Mehwish Hayat – all female actors, we might add – and the filmmaker went with the former.

Taking to Instagram on Friday, Hawkins posted a wide-ranging note addressing Begg’s response while calling out the show for promoting “formats” that trigger negative reactions “under the guise of entertainment ratings.” for the sake of.” Insisting that she was “speaking straight from the heart”, Hawken wrote, “It is very unfortunate that the formats of our shows are such that every member of the industry gets ratings in the guise of entertainment. One has to put others down for the sake of it.. Now that the matter has come to this, I would like to state my side. [the] Story.”

The producer is called “Nadeem”. brother“, the actor wrote,”[He] And I’ve only done one project together and there was only one difference. [of] Feedback about the song Shake your head Where we ultimately went with his aesthetic, song choices and dance steps.[s]As I felt he was not ready to argue. Baig worked with Hussain. I will not go to Punjab., Which was released back in 2017. In the hit film, Hocane played the role of a painful butt.

Hocane claimed that as a society, we have become intolerant of dissent, especially when it comes from a woman. “Despite being trolled so much for this song, I never threw my director under the bus out of respect for him. I am so hurt. [by] How my personality is being misrepresented in public just to have a healthy debate on set I believe. [the] The basis of teamwork while never being pointed out to me personally in all these years.

Hocane realizes that it’s also up to her not to quickly realize someone’s opinion won’t matter if she’s working with people who will immediately dismiss them. “Today I am wiser. [enough] Not being in a workplace where I feel regressive and dismissive of any idea or input and where one’s voice is dismissed as a woman’s voice. It could live with few work options in our small industry but I’d rather be my true authentic self because I don’t know any other way to do it.

gave The release The actor said that life as a public figure is “pretty tough” with so many haters. “Being in public, we are already subjected to unnecessary trolling. How nice it would be if our dear colleagues did not play their part in this, further inciting the audience to target a particular individual. It is hurtful and is malicious. I really hope this makes everyone realize that these games can actually be harmful to one’s mental health and well-being,” he said.

Hocane urged everyone to celebrate and encourage each other’s work. ended with

In the comment section of Hussain’s Instagram post, his sister and co-star Maura Hussain wrote, “I have personally seen you go through all of this and more. Misunderstood and misrepresented. Above all. , to be brave through it all. May you always lead the way with your strength and grace, God willing and always remember [that] Honor and sustenance are in the hands of Allah, just keep going, I love you always.

Her husband actor Farhan Saeed and actor Nadia Jameel also expressed their support under the post.

Baig has not yet reacted to Urwa’s statement.

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