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Are you someone who loves Latti Chokha? Then you need to stop and read it! Recently, Twitter users took the internet by storm, calling home-made Latti Chokha a ‘cheat’. This is what left netizens in shock.

Lati Chokha’s love is destroyed

The humble Latti Chukha was destroyed within minutes and took the internet by storm, when a user posted a strange fireball resembling a Latti cooked on coals, leaving netizens in shock. The Viral Latti Chokha was shared by Sheetal, a lady who tried her hand at making delicious Latti Chokha in the traditional way. The lady took to her Twitter handle @ssoniisshh1 to share a picture of Letty, who literally looked like a ball of fire!

Netizens took the internet by storm.
What caught the attention of netizens was the fireball-like lathi, which looked strange. The woman captioned the photo, “Making Latti Chokha for the first time today.” The post literally left netizens laughing their hearts out. Here are some hilarious reactions: “Is this Latti Chokha or a piece of Mangalgraha?” Another user commented “And the close-up looks like man sun”.
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