Political parties urged to forge consensus on elections

A woman casts her vote while another waits for her turn at a polling station during general elections in Karachi, Pakistan, July 25, 2018. — Reuters

More than a hundred leading civil society organizations, bar councils, human rights organizations, journalists, editors, women and trade union federations and leading intellectuals have called on the country’s political parties to resolve their differences on its framework and timing. remove Elections Through negotiation and mutual agreement.

A statement issued by the appellant said that consensus advocates suggested reaching a national consensus in parliament or by holding an all-party conference, adding that civil society was a “relevant and non- is willing to facilitate the dialogue as a “biased mediator”. .

He also offered to form an informal group of mediators (the mediators) to initiate a reconciliation process with political parties to hold free, fair, and transparent elections to all assemblies within a mutually agreed time frame. But national consensus can be created.

The statement also said: “The Pakistan Bar Council has agreed to host an all-party conference if major political parties respond to the call.”

Expressing their concerns, the signatories of the appeal said: “Civil society believes that we are committed to constitutional governance and a sustainable democratic system based on smooth electoral transition through free, fair and transparent elections by the concerned citizens of Pakistan. ” Issue the following appeal to all political parties and legitimate stakeholders including the government. Election Commission of PakistanSupreme Court of Pakistan and all Civil Society Organisations”.

He added: “The political crisis is becoming increasingly complex, compounding the economic woes of the people. The leadership of the major political parties is on the warpath and has little room for dialogue and accommodation.” There is room.

Urging a national consensus “before things get out of hand,” he said he was “extremely concerned about this kind of existence.” The crisis Which could have very serious consequences for the nation.”

The signatories appealed for a “neutral approach”, and called on all political parties – especially parliamentary parties – to “reduce the current confrontational and intolerant rhetoric and resolve their political differences over the conduct of elections”. come together to do. the larger interests of the nation, the supremacy of the Constitution and a peaceful democratic transition by mutual consent”.

He also recommended that all parliamentary parties hold an all-party conference or sit together in Parliament to find a reasonable way out of the current political and constitutional impasse and reach a broader consensus on holding general elections. .

He said it was important to “ensure diversity with fair play and even playing field with mutual agreement to give free choice to the people of the Federation of Pakistan to mandate their elected representatives.” “

Among the signatories of the appeal are Pakistan Bar Council Vice Chairman Haroon Al Rashid, Sindh Awami Tehreek member Latif Plaju, Muslim League (N) Senator Syed Mushahid Hussain, People’s Party Senator Raza Rabbani and many other political leaders, experienced journalists and others. Social figures included. Rights organizations

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