Israelis protest legal overhaul plans for 11th week


TEL AVIV, Israel – Israelis took to the streets in their 11th week of protests on Saturday against plans by Benjamin Netanyahu’s hardline government to overhaul the country’s legal system.

Protesters say the proposed changes harm the country’s democracy by limiting the powers of the Supreme Court. Netanyahu and his allies say the plan is necessary to stop what they claim is too much power for unelected judges.

The main demonstration in the central city of Tel Aviv included tens of thousands of people who waved Israeli flags and banners with traffic signs that read “Dead End!” and “Danger Ahead!” Smaller protests were reported in other parts of the country.

On Wednesday, Netanyahu quickly Rejected the compromise proposal. by Israeli President Isaac Herzog to resolve the impasse, deepening the crisis over a program that has rocked the country and drawn international criticism.

Israeli police deployed water cannons to disperse protesters gathered at a central junction in the northern Israeli town of Karkor.

A video obtained by The Associated Press showed protesters being sprayed with water cannons as they chanted “democracy” in Hebrew. It was not immediately clear if anyone was injured.

Netanyahu and his extremist and religious coalition allies have vowed to press ahead with the legal changes despite the protests. Business leaderslegal experts and Retired military leader have joined the protests, and Israeli reservists have threatened to stop reporting for duty if the overhaul goes through.

In the latest phase of the overhaul plans, the Israeli parliament on Monday introduced a bill that would make it harder to impeach Netanyahu on corruption charges, as he pushed ahead with a broader plan to overhaul the judiciary. is extended.

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