Earthquake in Ecuador kills at least 4, causes wide damage

The death toll from Saturday’s 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Ecuador rose to at least 480 on Tuesday.

1700 missing in Ecuador earthquake


A strong earthquake shook the area around Ecuador’s second-largest city on Saturday, killing at least four people, damaging homes and buildings, and sending terrified residents into the streets.

The US Geological Survey reported a magnitude 6.8 earthquake in the country’s coastal Goya region. It was centered about 50 miles (80 km) south of Guayaquil, which anchors a metro area of ​​more than 3 million people.

The South American country’s emergency response agency, the Risk Management Secretariat, reported that one person had died in the Andean community of Cuenca. The victim was a passenger in a vehicle stuck under the debris of the house.

In Guayaquil, about 170 miles (270 km) southwest of the capital Quito, officials reported cracks in buildings and homes, and some walls collapsed. Authorities ordered the closure of three vehicle tunnels.

Videos shared on social media showed people gathering on the streets of Guayaquil and surrounding communities. People reported objects falling inside their homes.

A pier sank in Machala city. Earthquake tremors were also felt in northern Peru.

In 2019, a very powerful A magnitude 7.5 earthquake hit southern Ecuadornear the country’s border with Peru.

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