Aima Baig sues news platform for Rs100 million | The Express Tribune

Singer Aima Baig has sent a legal notice to a local media outlet that pulled an old interview of hers for “falsely” reporting that she was in love with her brother, who is seven years older than her. The year is big.

Fed up with the accusations of “shameless yellow journalism”, play The crooner shared photos of the court document on her Instagram story on Friday and also appealed to her industry colleagues to take a stand against “fake reporting”.

“It’s high time we stand up against yellow journalism and fake reporting (which is done just for comments and likes). I’ve had enough, so I apologize to them for myself and many others. Standing up to be the next victim,” Baig wrote while sharing photos of the notes.

“A look at the unsolicited news/post/story makes it abundantly clear that you have deliberately lied to the public to defame my client,” read the legal document shared online. ” The notice also said the digital media outlet had “attributed a false, false and defamatory statement” to Baig and “spread false news” that she liked her elder brother.

The document further reads, “A clear and unbiased listen to my client’s old interview that you referenced in your post/story leaves no doubt that my client never made such a statement. given what you have attributed to him. It is abundantly clear that you yourself have misused and distorted the material of his interview, and deliberately miscontextualized it. has been misused out of context to tarnish my client’s credibility and reputation.”

The defamation suit has demanded Rs 100 million in damages from the publication and an unconditional and written apology within 48 hours of receiving the notice. The apology stated in the suit should also be published on all their social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, along with the fake news being deleted.

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