YouTube reinstates Trump’s account ahead of 2024 campaign

CBS News exclusive conversation with Trump

Trump speaks one-on-one with a CBS News political director on a campaign visit to Iowa.


Washington – YouTube removed former President Donald Trump’s ban on Friday. the account That has been going on for weeks since the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

The company said Trump could begin uploading new content to its 2.65 million users on the platform by Friday. For the past two years, Trump has been barred from uploading new videos for violating the platform’s policies on incitement to violence.

“We carefully considered the continuing threat of real-world violence, while balancing opportunities for voters to hear equally from major national candidates before the election,” YouTube said in a statement. Statement. “This channel will be subject to our policies like any other channel on YouTube.”

The ruling means the former president’s accounts on three major social media platforms have been reinstated ahead of the 2024 election. Twitter And MetaFacebook and Instagram’s parent company both suspended Trump’s accounts after Jan. 6 and reinstated them in recent months.

Trump, who has millions of followers on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, has not posted on the platforms since his reinstatement, preferring instead to post on his social network, Truth Social.

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