World Sleep Day 2023: Ensure Quality Sleep with the Right Posture

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Last update: March 17, 2023, 10:33 IST

World Sleep Day 2023: Adequate sleep is a privilege that seems to have been compromised by modern lifestyle habits. (Representative image)

This World Sleep Day, let’s take a pledge to take care of our sleeping patterns, ensure proper sleeping postures, and lead a healthier life.

World Sleep Day 2023: When ‘sleep’ is good, health and happiness are high. Isn’t that the best way to live a healthy life! Well, ideally that is the secret mantra to achieve the best quality of life. This World Sleep Day, let’s take a pledge to take care of our sleeping patterns, ensure proper sleeping postures, and lead a healthier life.

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Highlighting the importance of sleep, the World Sleep Society (formerly known as the World Association of Sleep Medicine) launched World Sleep Day. Since 2008, it has been celebrated annually on the Friday before the March equinox (also known as the spring vernal equinox).

This year it is March 17 to commemorate this important day which primarily aims to raise awareness about sleep as a human privilege. A privilege that seems to be often endangered by modern lifestyle habits. Having said that, by adopting better methods of prevention and management of sleep disorders, we can definitely tackle this problem.

So, on this special day, we bring you the right sleeping postures to ensure a sound sleep. Take a look:

  1. Sleep on your back
    This posture is excellent for neck and spine health. It is also called ‘Spine Position’ or ‘Shavasana’. Our spine stays straight and with your body weight evenly distributed, without getting much-needed support. Moreover, this asana also helps in preventing facial wrinkles.
  2. Pillow under your knees
    You can use a pillow under your knees when sleeping in this position: this helps maintain the curve in your lower back. Reduces stress on the body’s pressure points.
  3. Reclining position
    Lie down and sleep on your back. It is beneficial for patients with isthmic spondylolisthesis as it ensures an angle between the thighs and trunk, and reduces pressure on the spine.
  4. Sleep on your side
    This is the best and highly recommended posture to ensure quality sleep and good health. In this position the spine remains long and relatively neutral (with a correct mattress of course), reducing neck, back, shoulder pain.
  5. Sleep with a pillow under your head.
    You can use a firm, medium-height pillow or ergonomic cushion to support your head and neck.
  6. Sleep with a pillow between your knees.
    If you use a pillow between your knees, the alignment of the hips, pelvis and spine is improved. Also sleep on your left side after eating.
  7. Sleep on your stomach
    Slightly similar to ‘Mukrasana’, this is also known as the prone position, which can help reduce snoring. It is beneficial for people suffering from degenerative diseases.
  8. Fetal position
    Twisting the torso into the fetal position opens up the space between the vertebrae. Good for both pregnant women and people with herniated discs. The main idea is to maintain proper alignment of your spine. Keep your ears, shoulders and hips especially aligned.

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