When it comes to the world’s best airports, the U.S. is flyover country

Travelers looking to fly out of a modern, attractive airport should look no further than America for efficient security, tasteful restaurants and upscale shopping.

According to aviation ranking website Skytrax, only one US airport ranks among them. Top 20 in the world — Seattle-Tacoma Airport in Washington State, at No. 18. The rest of the continent is not so hot either. The only other combat hub in North America, Canada’s Vancouver International Airport, ranks No. 20.

To fly in style, you’ll need to head to Europe and Asia, with nine and eight of the best airports respectively, while Australia’s Melbourne Airport also makes the cut (No. 19).

Singapore’s Changi Airport topped the list, according to SkyTracs, which ranked itself on a customer satisfaction survey of more than 550 airports based on their terminal layout, security procedures, seating, transportation, etc. They review things including pregnancy options, dining areas and shopping.

Singapore’s largest airport has often dominated lists of the world’s best airports, despite slipping down the rankings during the coronavirus pandemic. It features scores. shopping Outlets and lush indoor Gardens.

Changi Airport, Terminal 3, Singapore
A look at some of the amazing modern architecture at Singapore’s Changi Airport, recently ranked as the world’s best airport by aviation rating website Skytrax.

Getty Images

Fernery and Fish Ponds Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore Changi Airport has a fernery, orchid garden and fish ponds.

Andrew Woodley/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty

Other top-ranked airports in Asia include Doha’s Hamad International Airport, which ranks second on the SkyTracs list, and Tokyo’s Haneda Airport (No. 3). Among Europe’s top airports were Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (No. 5) and Munich International Airport (No. 7).

America’s airports, most of which are publicly owned and operated by state or local governments or quasi-public entities such as airport or port authorities, have experienced significant national investment in infrastructure. Reports From the Congressional Research Service.

In comparison, 41% of European airports have private shareholders, According to to Airports Council International, an organization that oversees international airport standards and industry practices;

The Department of Transportation developed a Family Seating Dashboard for air travel.


If American airports get no respect, at least a flight hub that once counted. The worst airport in the country Now isolating itself: New York’s LaGuardia Airport. SkyTrax cited the facility’s Terminal B, which opened last year, as the best new terminal in the world. According to the Port Authority, the project was the result of a multi-billion dollar public-private partnership.

The top 20 airports in the world as ranked by Skytrax are:

  1. Singapore Changi Airport
  2. Hamad International Airport
  3. Tokyo International Airport (Henida)
  4. Incheon International Airport
  5. Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport
  6. Istanbul Airport
  7. Munich Airport
  8. Zurich Airport
  9. Narita International Airport
  10. Madrid Barajas Airport
  11. Vienna International Airport
  12. Helsinki-Vantaa Airport
  13. Rome Fiumicino Airport
  14. Copenhagen Airport
  15. Kansai International Airport
  16. Chubu Centrair International Airport
  17. Dubai International Airport
  18. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
  19. Melbourne Airport
  20. Vancouver International Airport

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