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Today’s Weight loss Encouraged by Ojit Singh, a dentist by trade based in Canada. He is currently doing a master’s program. Ojit was always healthy, but due to moving to Canada and adopting a new lifestyle, he gained a lot of weight.
He knew he needed to take action, but given that he was living alone in a foreign country, busy with studies and a part-time job, he had given up on his health. This 26-year-old strong-willed man came down from 106 kg to 85 kg through hard work and persistence. He lost about 21 kg in a period of 3 months. Let’s find out how he did it.

The turning point

Ojit describes himself as a typical Punjabi who loves food. He was always on the healthy side of things. He gained a lot of weight while studying in Canada. At first, he tried lose weight Do your own research online. He could not focus on his health as he was living alone in a foreign place, studying and working part-time. He will eventually go for the easiest foods like fast foods and packaged food items.
“It was only when Avjit started experiencing health problems and his weight stood in the way of his daily activities that he became concerned,” says Rehana Qureshi, Avjit’s fitness coach, a certified She is a nutritionist and strength training coach.

Diet followed
Ojit’s lifestyle was very busy. He used to go to college during the day and do a part-time job after college. This left her with little time to cook or take care of her nutrition. Her nutrition plan was developed keeping her busy lifestyle in mind as a top priority. Each of his meals should be more filling so that he does not get hungry frequently and manages to eat less.
Breakfast usually includes some form of eggs cooked in olive oil (a healthy fat). Lunch would include a homemade wrap that was healthy as well as easy to prepare and carry. It was very important. We had to make sure that his food was easy to prepare. Her fitness coach advised her to look for quick and super easy recipes to encourage her to prepare her own meals most days. Dinner would be a healthy meal with chicken or meat (as the client was fond of non-veg food) with some stir fried vegetables.

Exercise system

Ojit’s busy lifestyle left him little time to exercise. Avijit is a music lover. So he was encouraged to go for a walk just listening to his favorite music. And it worked brilliantly. He began to like his ‘musical walk’. Seeing the results encouraged her to start working out as well.

Fitness secrets
The secret of this transformation was simplicity.
We worked on a very basic approach here – the easier you make it for a client, the more consistent they will be, and the better the results.

To add to that, tracking his progress daily gave him the feeling that someone was there to watch over him and encouraged him not to give up.

The hardest part of being overweight
Being overweight has its fair share of other metabolic problems that affect our health beyond weight. Add to this the trust and psychological issues that are faced.

What lifestyle changes have you made?
First is to reduce his dependence on fast food and encourage him to cook his own food. This was done by sharing easy-to-prepare recipes with her. Besides, late evenings are the only free time he will have. We encouraged him to go for a walk (after dinner) while listening to his favorite music. This helped him digest his dinner and also improved his sleeping pattern as he fell asleep tired.

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