Tanzania investigates ‘mystery illness’ after five die

Healthcare workers can be seen standing in protective kits. – Reuters/File

Dar es Salaam: Tanzania has sent a team of health experts to investigate. Mysterious disease The government said that it had killed five people.

The disease was detected in “a total of seven people. [with] Symptoms include fever, vomiting, bleeding in various parts of the body and kidney failure,” the health ministry said in a statement issued late on Thursday.

Tanzania’s chief medical officer Tamini Nago said in a statement that the government had sent a rapid response team to the northwestern Kagera region, which borders Uganda, to investigate the “contagious disease”.

“Samples have been taken from patients and the dead to identify the source and type of disease,” he said. He urged the people to remain calm and said to take precautionary measures to avoid the epidemic.

The investigation follows a The Ebola outbreak In Uganda, which lasted about four months and claimed 55 lives before the government announced an end to it in January.

Last year Tanzania identified an outbreak of leptospirosis or “rat fever” that killed three people in the southeastern region of Lindi.

Bacterial infections are usually spread by consuming water or food contaminated with the urine of infected animals.

Tanzanian President Sama Saluho Hassan said at the time that the disease could be caused by “increasing interactions” between humans and wild animals as a result of environmental degradation.

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