Ryan Reynolds could make $300 million from Mint Mobile sale

Ryan Reynolds may be best known for his portrayal of wisecracking Deadpool, but the actor is also building a reputation as a savvy investor. With stakes in businesses such as Aviator Gin and Mint Mobile, the Canadian’s wealth from deal-making may exceed his film industry earnings.

Reynolds could receive a payout of more than $300 million from its stake in Mint Mobile, which Sold to telecom company T-Mobile. to $1.35 billion on Wednesday. Reynolds Bought a stake At Mint Mobile in 2019, it joked at the time that it would pay $15 a month, about the price of the company’s basic wireless plan.

According to Fortune magazine, his stake in Mint Mobile represents about 25 percent of the company. Based on the sale price, that would value Reynolds’ stake at about $340 million. Mint Mobile said it was unable to comment beyond the information publicly disclosed for the sale, while T-Mobile did not immediately return a request for comment.

Reynolds said he bought “a very large portion of the company” on CNBC on Wednesday. The interviewAlthough he did not specify the size of the investment.

Reynolds earned an estimated $70 million in 2020, based mostly on his film and entertainment earnings. According to According to Forbes, the actor earns about $20 million per film — a bounty for most people, but not enough to land him on the Forbes list. Highest-grossing entertainers In 2022 (Top earners: members of the rock band Genesis, with earnings of $230 million last year.)

But the Deadpool actor has moved beyond movies in recent years to invest in aviation, which gained attention in 2019. Viral advertising Which mocked a very infamous Peloton commercial.

Aviation which was sold to Spirit Dev. to $610 million in 2020, with Diageo saying that Reynolds would retain “an ongoing ownership interest”. Since the deal was announced, Diageo’s US shares have risen about 25%.

“Mint wasn’t an obvious next step after Aviation Gin. Low-cost wireless isn’t glamorous. Yet, in 3+ years, Mint Mobile has grown exponentially,” Reynolds said Wednesday after the T-Mobile deal was announced. Tweeted.

Reynolds is also part owner of Welsh football team Wrexham AFC bought With actor Rob McElhaney in 2021 for about $2.5 million. Additionally, Reynolds owns the content company Maximum Effort, which describes itself as “creating movies, TV series, content, commercials and cocktails for the personal entertainment of Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds.”

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