Olivia Wilde wants to get a Jennifer Coolidge tattoo.

Olivia Wilde wants to get a Jennifer Coolidge tattoo.

Olivia Wilde is obsessed with Jennifer Coolidge. The filmmaker-turned-actress recently shared a picture of herself with him. White Lotus star on Instagram, joking that she would get it tattooed on her chest.

The two were spotted together at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. gave Don’t worry darling The director shared the black-and-white image with the amusing caption: ‘More likely to transfer this image to a grid and then a chest tattoo.’

Wilde also shared candid photos with Rita Ora, Aduwa Abuh, Sarah Paulson, Holland Taylor and Emily Ratajkowski.

The two first interacted after Jennifer Coolidge won Best Supporting Actress in a Television Limited Series/Motion Picture at the Golden Globes earlier this year. White Lotus.

Coolidge joked in response to a question that she would like to play a dolphin in her next role. Access Hollywood.. ‘Now what is the ultimate dream role for you? What if something like that could happen?’

“I’ve always wanted to play the Dolphins.” Coolidge replied.

Wilde couldn’t help but respond on Instagram with: “‘I’ll do it.’

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