Mohsin Khan talks to Reena Roy regarding divorce The Express Tribune

Former Pakistani cricketer Mohsin Khan has opened up about his separation from veteran Indian actress Reena Roy after three decades of divorce. Khan revealed that he had not even seen her films but married her because of her personality, but she gave up everything to live in Pakistan.

In a conversation with a local news channel, Khan shared that she does not regret marrying Rai. “I have no regrets. I married a man, I didn’t see who she was or where she was from. But I had decided that I wanted to stay in Pakistan. Our country,” he said. We are recognized.

He added that he had not seen any of Roy’s films. “I didn’t watch any of his films before my marriage – no one believes that. If I was leaving the house and an Amitabh Bachchan scene was playing, I might stop and watch it, but otherwise. Me, I never watched the movies. And I was never impressed by his beauty, I just liked a good person. That’s it,” he concluded.

Rai, who was at the peak of her career in the 70s, took a leave of absence from work and moved to Pakistan after her marriage and stayed there until her divorce in 1992. The former couple has a daughter Jannat, who is famous. Sanam Khan

Last year, Rai spoke to The Times of India, saying that while she has custody of her daughter, it has never stopped them from being in touch and that she respects Khan for giving her the support. How well he has done for himself. “He is my daughter’s father. He is in touch with her. They have a close father-daughter relationship. He is well settled in life. I pray that God keeps him healthy and happy,” she said. What was shared?

On why she got married so early in her career, Roy said it was her mother who worried that she was too old and unmarried if she didn’t settle down. will “I was tired of working around the clock. My mother was after my life settled down. She was worried that if I took more time, I would be unmarried and lonely,” she said. said

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