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Recently, students at a university in Lahore found a way to enjoy the joys of a desi wedding without the added pressure of relatives, dowry and expensive traditions. They organized a ceremony for two elders, who were chosen to play the role of bride and groom, who were chosen to have a lavish, fake wedding, complete with elaborate wedding dresses. The video of the unique event also went viral on Twitter, with many expressing their views on the children’s creative choices.

However, many felt offended by having a ball. Some even questioned whether this “fake” marriage would translate into a real “marriage”. Actor Usman Khalid Butt was the first to reject the proposal. In a hilarious tweet, he wrote, “Oh my god! I spoke too soon… The whole timeline is full of debates on whether LUMS students are really married (?!) I’ve seen marriages in so many dramas. Excuse me ladies, I think I’m yours. Pati Parameshwar (Husband) Now.

Now, actor Ahmed Ali Butt has something to say about the gratuitous bullying and speculation over harmless, creative events. “Reality: Pakistan has become a toxic place where creativity is frowned upon, where festivals are banned, cinemas are closed, parks are turned into plots, agricultural lands are cut into housing schemes. is being done, and God forbid, if we see anyone doing it. Fun or enjoyment,” he wrote.

The rapper and host lamented, “We’re so filled with hate and jealousy that we celebrate someone’s downfall and envy the success of others. It’s 100% true.”

Many people on Twitter also found the concept interesting and amusing, but many opposed it, claiming it promoted a “fake culture”. One Twitter user even said that the episode was awkward and that it would be “awkward for anyone who marries one of the contestants in the future.”

Earlier in February, students of the same university celebrated “Bollywood Day” by dressing up as characters from Bollywood films.

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