China’s tech giant Baidu unveils “Ernie,” the Chinese answer to AI chatbot technology like ChatGPT and GPT4

Beijing – Day after popular artificial intelligence tool Chat GPTDeveloper OpenAI released its latest version GPT4 Chinese tech company Baidu, known for its search engine and map services in the country, revealed its AI answer to the world. In a pre-recorded video presentation, Baidu’s celebrity founder Robin Li showed off the “Ernie” (enhanced representation of knowledge integration) chatbot, which he said can understand human intent. and can provide human-level responses.

The service has not yet been released for the public to try, but the event includes understanding Chinese, creating writing, and calculating math, which overlap with ChatGPT’s functionality.

There were some highlights during the presentation, viz A poster presentation Ernie is said to have been spellbound based on textual detail, but overall, investors were unimpressed by the pre-recorded launch.

Baidu’s stock price on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange fell as much as 10% at one point during the unveiling, but the stock recovered its losses in Friday trading.

Baidu Inc.  Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Robin Li is seen at the launch event of the company's Ernie chatbot on March 16, 2023 in Beijing, China.
Baidu Inc. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Robin Li is seen at the launch event of the company’s Ernie chatbot on March 16, 2023 in Beijing, China.

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A limited number of people received codes to try the Ernie software after its launch on Thursday, Reuters said, quickly turning to social media platforms to share their reviews, including Microsoft. Includes side-by-side comparisons like US-made chatbots. Bang, Joe ChatGPT uses technology..

One person on China’s Twitter-like platform Weibo said that Ernie, for example, had managed to answer a question about a philosopher “correctly”, but noted that “Erniebot and Bing There was a definite gap between.”

Reuters cited the reviewer, a technology blogger who goes by the handle Chepinggen, who has more than 2.4 million followers on Wiebo, as saying the difference in functionality was “not huge,” noting that that, “In some questions (Ernie) performed as well. Better than Bing.”

Despite the slow launch event, Ernie is likely to have a significant market advantage on its home turf over American-made products, both due to China’s push for technological independence and Western sanctions.

At the annual session of China’s legislature, which wrapped up on Monday, reforms to China’s Ministry of Science and Technology were announced, aimed at making China “self-reliant” amid US restrictions on sales of advanced processing chips and manufacturing equipment. To proceed. .

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