Ben Affleck gushes over Michael B. Jordan’s ‘charisma and power’

Ben Affleck emphasizes Michael B. Jordan’s ‘charisma and strength’

Ben Affleck went on a rampage. Faith III actor Michael B. Jordan, when he reflected on how they approached him for the story the wind

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter on Thursday, Batman The actor couldn’t stop praising Jordan, explaining how they both know each other.

“I play cards with Michael from time to time, and we have mutual friends, and … none of that sounds good, right? And it’s not like he’s like, “Oh yeah, Ben’s my boy.” (imitating Jordan’s voice) He’d be like, “Yeah, I know that,” he said.

“Jordan is — he’s a hero to me. And I know how important and meaningful he is, especially in the African-American community. If you’re going to talk about talking about Michael Jordan, So do it respectfully. Nobody’s asking. You do the hagiography, but get it right.” Affleck, 50, added.

gave deep water The actor added: “I’ve never known anybody with that kind of charisma and power who walks into a room and just resonates. And is that who he is or is that what people treat him as? Do you have memories of? Don’t know, but it’s powerful.”

“I said, “Can I come out please?” and he was great. “Yeah, no problem. Come to the golf course.” Went out, met him. I waited for him to finish playing. I don’t play golf myself. Because I think it eats away at people’s lives.” he said.

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