Baidu says it can now operate robotaxis in Beijing with no human staff inside

Chinese tech company Beidou announced on Monday that it may sell some robotaxis rides without any human crew in the vehicles.


Beijing – Chinese tech company Bedouin announced on Friday that it can now operate Robotex in a part of the capital Beijing with no human crew or drivers inside.

The move eliminates labor costs for operating self-driving taxis – up to the permitted number of cars.

The government’s approval initially includes 10 vehicles in the Beijing suburb of Yizhuang, home to several corporations such as

The suburb is the main location for Baidu’s robotaxi public road testing and operation in the city of Beijing. In November 2021, local authorities Allowed Baidu and rival robotaxis operator to collect fares. For rides

Public transport users can book heavily subsidized robotaxis rides through the companies’ apps.

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Baidu shares 12 months of performance.

Baidu shares briefly rose more than 15% during Hong Kong trading on Friday.

The stock closed at an eight-week low later Thursday. The company unveiled its artificial intelligence-powered Ernie bot., a Chinese-language competitor to ChatGPT. CEO Robin Lee said the company’s Ernie bot wasn’t perfect, and stressed the need to improve the product.

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