AR Rahman explains why Indian films don’t get Oscars after selection

AR Rahman won two Oscars for ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ in 2009.

AR Rahman, himself an Oscar-winning composer from India, shares his opinion on why Indian films do not win Oscars despite being selected.

gave Re from the heart The reason for this, says the singer, is that the wrong films are being sent to the academy. This is the reason why films fail to get the final nomination.

He believes that one needs to put oneself in the shoes of a westerner to better understand the tastes of one’s audience.

In a conversation with veteran singer L Subramaniam, he shared his stand, saying: “Sometimes, I see our films going to the Oscars (but) not getting them. The wrong films are being sent for the Oscars. Like, it’s not. We have to be in the other person’s shoes. I have to be in the Westerners’ shoes to see what’s going on here. I have to be in my shoes to see that. What are they doing?”

Rahman’s comment came after the film’s big win RRR At the 95th Academy Awards. Movie song NATO NATO won the Oscar for Best Original Song, according to reports. India Today

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